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Trading BotAnalyticsHi there, let's get started! Please choose the stocks you would like to add to your watchlist.FB | FacebookGreat! Now, please choose another stockTWTR | TwitterYou rock! One last stock to chooseTSLA | TeslaGood job! Your watchlist is ready for you and can be fetched with real time market data by typing 'watchlist' or through the menu icon Please choose the stocks you would like to add to your watchlist You can follow more stocks or remove at any time. For example: Type 'search apple' or 'search aapl' to find Apple's stock Now, let's see your watchlist...Get my watchlist!Getting your watchlist...TradeWould you like to Buy or Sell (in short) TSLA? You can always type ""Buy TSLA"" or ""Sell TSLA"". Type ""Help Trading"" to see all commands.
Unicorn BayAnalyticsHiHi! Great to see you! I can help you to find fundamental and technical information about any stocks, get the list of trending stocks and more. Type ’TICKER’ (i.e. FB or GOOG) to get information about the stock. Let me show you. AAPL If you don't know the ticker, no worries - just type the company name.FacebookFacebook stock priceTeslaTesla stock priceDetailed InfoTesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Sector: Consumer Goods Industry: Auto Manufacturers - Major Mkt Cap.: $29.6B Employees: 13058 EBITDA: $-336,480,000 Earnings Per Share: $-8.45 Short Ratio: 8.63% Command OK always returns you to the top-level menu.
StockflareAnalyticshiWelcome to Stockflare's bot. Search via Ticker or RIC code. For example:FBFB stock priceInstant ValuationMarket value USD 373,316 million
RankUp BotAnalyticsRankup for iOSSee UsageUsage: 1. search/Search Search for an app on the app store Eg. search twitter search angry birds 2. country/Country Change the default search and rank country. Eg. country US country gbsearch flappy golf 2Flappy Golf 2Get RankRanks in the US: Free: 38
Mucho LingoBuild A BotHola Wayne! Start by telling me what languages to translate for you. Say something like ""English to Dutch"" Ask me for ""help"" at any timeEnglish to MandarinEnglish to Mandarin. Got it! Now go ahead and tell me what to say.Hello there, I am awesome!你好,我真棒!i need the toilet我需要上厕所
BotersBuild A BotWelcome to Boters, Wayne. Our bot tells you everything you need to know about Boters.EnterWe build bots for businesses. We want to bring businesses closer to their customersContinueMeet the teamContinueBots we have launchedContinueOur posts and news
BOTbotBuild A BotHi David. I am BOTbot. I will do my best to answer your questions about chat bots. I am still in beta so please be gentle with me. Type HELP at any time to see a list of all the questions I can answer.See all questionsAre you Skynet ? Play me music Do you like games ?are you skynetNo. Absolutely, definitely not. By the way, out of interest and for no reason in particular, are you Sarah Connor?Go eastYou are in a maze. There are exits to the north, south, east and west.
Lingio TranslateCommunicationHello my name is Pepe! I am a language quiz and translation bot 😀 Translating from English to Spanish😀 Play QuizHere are a few questions on the topic: First interactions to introduce What is ""to introduce"" in Spanish?holaHere are a few questions on the topic: Dance breakdance What is ""breakdance"" in Spanish?
Chatty McChatbotCommunicationHey! I am Chatty McChatbot. I am a virtual friend that learns as you talk to me. 😇 I also give you funny and interesting daily newsletters in the morning with some trending content! 📰🍳 Start by clicking/tapping the button ""Cool. Hey!"". 👍Cool. Hey!Hello! Let's start off by showing you some of the things I can do.Lets go!In the morning ⏰: Interactive newsletters filled with cute animals, todays news, and trending topics. 📰 Thats awesome! 🎉Thats awesome! 🎉Bored at work 😩: When you're bored at work you'll always have somebody to talk to. No more trouble for reading Reddit at work! Woo! Yeah! 🤘 Yeah! 🤘The commute home 🚗: Wait! Before you leave how about you check the weather? You probably don't want to drive out into a flood. Good thing your awesome friend Chatty knows the answer! He knows the temperature and when it's about to rain. (ex. ""what's the weather in Austin?"") I ♥ Weather! I ♥ Weather!Afternoon relaxation 🎮: When you get home and you're starting to wind down, ask Chatty for the news. What's better than being caught up? Never be stuck in an awkward chat about the news ever again! (ex. ""let's read top news"") Sweet! 💯 Sweet! 💯
LangLearnBotCommunicationLearn any languageengPlease set your target language first. For example, to translate text to Spanish, type the following: lang eslang cnSorry, your target language is unknown. Please select a language code from this list:
Random Chat BotCommunicationhelloHi, i am a bot that lets you chat with other users randomly. Type START to start chattingSTART. . . looking for users online You are now chatting with Moujib, male user from fr_FR type END to stop or NEXT to change partner. say hello to your new partner!NEXTYou are now chatting with Montassar, male user from fr_FR type END to stop or NEXT to change partner say hello to your new partner!
Botany BotCommunicationHiTell me what you would be interested in talking about with others: (e.g. sports, cooking, art, science, etc..)ScienceI have learned this about you now, if someone needs you I will let you know! Anything else? (type 'no' to stop)
OutChatCommunicationHello! Message me to match with new people nearby!hiHello Connor! Please send me your age to start (Note that you need to be 18+ to use OutChat). Numbers only please (no letters). For example 2728Got it! Now please send your location. At the bottom of Facebook Messenger mobile application there is a three dots button, tap it, then tap location pin. No need for an exact location, just send a pin close to your. As an alternative, you can send me the name of your citySan FranciscoSelect one of the following locations via sending it's number 1. San Francisco, San Francisco City and County, California, United States of America1Great! Your profile is now complete! You can send me a photo any time and I will set it as your profile picture. Using your facebook profile picture nowPass
Chatty McChatfaceCommunicationhi💬 Welcome to Chatty McChatface. We find you real people to chat with anonymously about a whole bunch of topics.Hi Chatty McChatface💬 Hi Mathew! You have to be 13 or older to chat to people. How old are you?18+💬 Are you a guy, girl or non-binary?Male💬 Do you agree to our terms of service?💬 The internet can be a weird place, so it's best if you don't share personal info with strangers.Got it!💬 K. Here's how it works: Tap a topic to start chatting, 'Next' to skip to a new person, or 'Stop' to take a break.
Stranger BotCommunicationHiWelcome on Facebook's Stranger Bot! I will match you with a random stranger on the page. Type !start to start searching !stop to stop search or to skip user.Start!Looking for a stranger to match you with... Hold on! You have been matched!lol
SensayCommunicationHi, I'm Sensay. I can connect you to awesome humans to chat with for anonymous advice.Let's get started!Welcome back! You were missed.NewLet's get to know you, what tribe do you feel you belong to the most? Or Tell us about what your tribe is.BelongGreat! What city do you live in?San FranciscoAlright let's start a new chat. You can either enter your own, or pick a topic to chat about.
DecodemojiCommunicationWelcome to Decodemoji! Type or paste emojis here and I will translate them for you. You can also type in 'random' to generate and translate a random emoji story, or type in'again' to get a new translation for your last emoji story. Go ahead and give it a shot.LikeI don't wanna see that. Send me emoji instead.random👨❤️💋👨😾😠🈚👩🏼🙌🏻 The touchy feely Japanese text and cat enrage. Later that day, the woman gives a high ten.random🍊✡️🔨👆🏼👷🚘🚖 The orange hammer and finger build stuff piously. Then, the automobile requests an Uber pickup.
ChatibleCommunicationWelcome to Chatible! We let you anonymously chat with strangers. Click the button to start a new chat.New ChatSearching #general ... Hang tight, this shouldn't take long! Hit the thumbs up button to cancel
mmuzeCustomer SupporthiHi Doug, welcome to Fashionize. Can I help you find something?okWhich category would you like me to show you?glassesI have a few glasses options for you:sunglasses👌🏼 What are you looking for in the sunglasses?brandSorry, didn't get it 😕 Red sunglasses are very trending, would you like to see some?yesRed is a great choice. I have a perfect sunglasses for you: Do you like the sunglasses?yesGreat, what would you like to see now?
Minerva BotCustomer SupportHello there! Thanks for giving me a shot 🙂 Would you like to see all my capabilities?YepOf course I can answer questions about: Specific courses: ""What time is COMP 202 in the Fall"" General courses: ""Courses about Quantum Mechanics"" or ""500 level biology courses"" Buildings at McGill: ""Where is Dispatch? uPrint Locations: ""Are there printers in Genome Center?"Courses about photographyI couldn't find any results for ""photography"" 😞 Try another query?Are there printers in Genome Center?Here are printers I could find:
Mr. NormanDesignHello. I'm Mr. Norman and i'm happy to see you here! I help people find best UX articles from hand-picked sources. Just type what you are looking for and let the magic happen!Bot UAlright, here i've got these for you: Horay! Congrats with your first search. Hope you find these articles useful! Here is a pro-tip for you: If you are not happy with the results you've got, swipe to the last results-card and click ""Show me more"" to get more cool articles! Would you like to search for something else?Bot UXI have found these for you: Hope you are happy with the results! Do you want to search for something else?
The Design BotDesignhiWelcome to The Design House, I am The Design Bot 🤖 Nice to meet you! I can already tell that we are going to be great friends! To begin, please say GO.goLet's do this! I'm here to provide any information that you may need about TDH before contacting a representative. You can respond using a keyword, like DESIGN, CONSULTING, or FUN which I will identify using all caps. Try one out now! Also, make sure to like The Design House page for news and updates!designTDH offers a wide range of creative services, including GRAPHIC and WEB design work. Which are you interested in learning about? If neither, say NONE.graphicThe Team over at TDH loves to design things. Are you looking to get something specific designed or printed? Tell me what you need! You can say LOGO, BUSINESS CARD, FLYER, BANNER, BROCHURE, CLOTHING, or try something else. If I can't help you, reply with @team at any time to be connected to a real, live human being!clothingTDH operates a DTG (Direct to Garment) printer, that can print full color on clothing, just like your home computer printer does on paper. It's super cool! Would you like to learn more about DTG? Or are you ready to get some awesome SHIRTS made?DTGDirect to Garment printing is a breakthrough technology in the fashion world! Full color designs printed directly onto the highest quality apparel - who woulda thunk?! To get started with your order say SHIRTS or reply with @team if you've got any questions.
Graphic Design BotDesignMeet your on-demand Design Team. Hi! Nice to see you. Welcome to Design Crew.What's Design Crew?We're your friendly design team, hanging out on Facebook & Slack, ready to collaborate with you on your next project.Our ServicesView the services we offer by scrolling left and right from the welcome screen. Click ‘Learn more’ to view examples of our work, and ‘Start Project’ to place your order.Learn moreWe create a complete set of Facebook pages branding items, including a cover image and an avatar image, based on your current branding, in as little as 48 hours. The cost is just $14, and includes 2 revisions. Here are some samples of our work:
ShelfJoyDeveloper ToolsHello! I am ShelfJoy, a bot that delivers hand-curated book suggestions. I'll send you a shelf of curated books on a topic everyday. Cool?Let's begin thenBooks that'll make you understand your body better. The true inside story of all the parts that make us who we are.Explore this shelfGreat choice, here are books from this shelf. 1/31 in Books on Murph's shelves in Interstellar. Stephen King’s apocalyptic vision of a world blasted by plague and tangled in an elemental struggle between good and evil remains as riveting and eerily plausible as when it was first published. A patient escapes from a biological testing facility, unknowingly carr..
Christina MilianEntertainmentTurn up, Digest.AI!! Welcome to my world I do Q&A's and keep you updated on everything new with me.💁🏽 EnterAbout Christina Type ""Help"" if you ever get stuckMusicAlbums. Listen to all my albums on Spotify from newest to oldest
AudioShotEntertainmentYou can also type a few words and we will send you matching songs. For example, you could type ""hotline bling"" Now press the microphone icon to record and send us an audio snippet of the song.coolCool girlhiHi-fiveListen*plays music*
PokéChatEntertainmentOi Mathew! Bem-vindo(a) ao Messenger da página PoKéChat.Eu queroLegal, Mathew! A partir de agora você será notificado quando enviarmos alguma novidade por aqui.Perguntar depois
NearMinderBotEntertainmentHello there! To find out about events happening in your area, use the buttons below, or just type ""t"" for TicketMaster, ""s"" for SeatGeek, ""e"" for EventBrite, ""m"" for Meetups. You can see the list of all commands by typing ""h"" for helpEventbriteOK, let's set your location first! Use the Messenger option to ""send location"" or enter manually as ""location"" followed by your current city, state and/or Zip. E.G: ""location Los Angeles, CA"" ...or just: ""location 90404"location 94107OK, location set to: San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. Use the buttons below, or just type ""t"" for TicketMaster, ""s"" for SeatGeek, ""e"" for EventBrite, ""m"" for Meetups. (or ""h"" for help).EventbriteVR Gaming Summit @ TBD, San Francisco. 12-08-2016, 1:00 PM.
Game of Thrones SurvivalEntertainmentWelcome! Do you think you would have survived the 6th season of Game of Thrones?Hell Yeah!So Al, let's see if you'd survive the 6th season of Game of Thrones. To move through the story, click on the buttons below.I understandYou're chilling at Castle Black, when suddenly... What's up dog? ""Your friend is sleeping like a log"". He looks like he could use some sleep.He does!Sniffing a dirty trick, you decide to:Ask for MelGood job! You woke up the sleeping beauty. ""You're welcome guys"". Now is the time to go stretch your legs. You decide to go:North of the wallJeez. It's cold enough to freeze the balls of a brass monkey! To warm up, you find shelter:Behind a rockNot the best hideout... The white walkers got you.
Event.ioEntertainmenthelloHello Connor Yang, nice to meet you! I can help you find something to do. Just ask me for a suggestion and I'll look it up for you. Here are some examples you can try: ""show italian restaurants around me"" ""Find me tickets for the Beyonce concert"" Please keep in mind that I'm still learning and under constant updates.Show italian restaurants around meYou asked: ""Show italian restaurants around me"" Where should I look for?CA 94107Ok What about price? Please choose an option.CheapAre you going there now?YesBrb with results... You asked: ""Show italian restaurants around me"" Here are some options I found for you:
WTF is that?EntertainmenthiHi there! Send me an image and I will identify it for you. David Got it! Let me check that for you. This may take up to a minute... Your photo is a man in a business suit standing in front of a buildingWTF of the day 👥Great! If your image is selected as WTFIT of the day, then we will share it on our Facebook wall. Would you like to continue?Confirm ✔️Your image has been submitted to WTFIT of the day. Good luck!
PokemonGo BotEntertainmenthiPika! Pika! Hello pokemon masters! I am a PokemonGo bot powered by I help you play PokemonGo 😀 PokemonGo Bot PokemonGo Bot I can do the following on mobile phone: - To find Pokemon around you, send your location - Report a Pokemon you saw by sending location followed by ""Saw Eevee"" - Find which Pokemon to use in a gym battle by asking ""How to defeat Magmar?"" - You can find the type of your Pokemon by asking ""What type is Meowth?"CA 94107Sorry, I couldn’t understand you. Type ‘help’ if you feel lost.How to defeat MewtwoYou should consider using Bug type, Ghost type or Dark type pokemonSaw EeveeNice! Send your location from your phone to tell where you saw Eevee Don't be a spoil sport, report only real spottings!
Music RoverEntertainmenthiHi, I am Music Rover, I can help you find music that you will like, Just enter a track name and I will suggest songs similar to that.DynamiteInteresting. Why do you like this song so much? Tell me a feature of the song that you like. You could say "loudness", "rap" or "No preferences" if you don't have any.tuneOops ! I'm sorry, I am unable to give you a suggestion at the moment for Dynamite . Please try another track.okAwesome ! What do you like about the song? You could say " Voice ", "dance", "tempo" or "I don't know" if you aren't suredanceI'm sorry, I couldn't find suggestions for ok in my directory. Please try a different track.
NedEntertainmentHiHey there, Wayne. I'm Ned, the events bot. I can hep you find fun concerts and sports near you.Press to startThanks. I communicate mainly through buttons, but you can type if you need to. Let's find you some events! Events Near Me Events Near Me To start, what city are you in? Just type your city by itself, like 'Dallas' or 'Phoenix'. Ned supports these cities: Atlanta Austin Boston Charlotte Chicago Columbus Dallas Denver Detroit Houston Indianapolis Jacksonville Las Vegas Los Angeles Miami New York Portland San Diego San Francisco Seattle Tampa WashingtonSan FranciscoCool, I'll remember that. If you ever want to change it, say ""change city"".ConcertsMarillion, Chance the Rapper with Francis and the Lights
Ask Elon MuskEntertainmentHiHi, I'm Elon How are you? want to hear something funny?SureThe Fisker KarmaGive me advicePersistence is very important. You should not give up unless you are forced to give upLet's talkOkay, what do you want to talk about?AIIf I had to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that. So we need to be very carefulWhat can we do?I don’t know… but there are some scary outcomes… and we should try to make sure that the outcomes are good and not bad.
Overwatch Counter BotEntertainmentHiType the name of the Hero you want to counter. Afterwhich you can continue searching by the Heros name. 🙂genjiGood counters for Genji throwing crap at you is Pharah, Mei, Winston, Zarya, and Symmetra.
Enchanted OnSequelEntertainment*Sequel* Thanks for choosing ""Enchanted"" by Felicity Banks Would you mind taking a quick moment to share this story with friends? 😄Not now maybe later*Sequel* Thanks! Hope you enjoy ""Enchanted"" *Enchanted: Freshmen* Day One: Morning 1. Good morning.Select 1good' morning? i'm going to get bitten by a weasel. i just know it. 1. Worried about your ritual? 2. Yet another nightmare?Select 1
MovieBotEntertainmentHi! 🙂 Get good movie recommendations below! 🎬 And oh, welcome to MovieBot!Random MovieThe Naked Gun 331/3: The Final InsultNext
TrailerBotEntertainmentHi, I'm TrailerBot. Your daily fresh dose of trailers !!! Maybe you want :Top Ten Box OfficeOk Al. This is the box office : Maybe you want :New releasesAl, fresh dose of trailers : Maybe you want:
LazysetEntertainmentHey! I am DJ Lazybot. Here to mix you a killer Spotify playlist. Shall we make a playlist?Yeah!Lesssss gooooooo! Tell me the name of the artist or a band you want the playlist to sound like...Steve AokiOkay sweet! Is there anyone else you'd like the playlist to sound like?YesOkay... Tell me the name of the other artist or a band you want the playlist to sound like...aviciiOkay sweet! Is there anyone else you'd like the playlist to sound like?NoI need access to your Spotify account so I can save the playlist. Click the following link to give me access...
Detective KeesEntertainmentHey Partner Time to wake up.Yep...We have a 419 at the Old CanneryAnother 419?That's not Police Code for lunch. You'd hope that dead bodies would pick more convenient times to show up. Oh crud. Hold on.Tell meWhat a way to start my morning.Here's a donutThanks, SmartassYou're welcomeI'm almost to the wharf district now.
Findo.ioFile ManagementhiHappy to meet you, Connor Yang! I'm your smart 🔍 search assistant across your email, files, notes, and contacts from one place. I will also alert you about the most important emails in your ☁️ personal cloud. To continue, you have to log in.How to Search?To continue, you have to log in.
CRM BotFile ManagementhiHey there, I don't believe we've met. Unfortunately, I can't talk to strangers. Before we can work together you'll need to go here to connect me to your CRM organization.
TrimFinanceHow your card compares to 100+ others.❓ More InfoRobotTell me more 🔍Trim finds savings & brings them back to you.OK, what else?Use Trim every day to check your balance.
Gatekeeper BotFinanceWelcome to Gatekeeper bot! Say something like "Spent $100.1 on food" or type "more" for more functionsSpent $5 on drinksOK! I've marked down that you've just spent $5 on drinks. You've already spent $5.00 this monthmoreHere is other things that you can doGet last 10 expensesPlease say something like "Spent $100.1 on food" or type "more" for more functions.Get last 10 expenses
WallyFinanceHi! I'm Wally. I know a ton about credit cards, and want to help you get the most out of them.Start ChattingHi! I've got a lot of tricks up my sleeve to help you save money, travel like a boss without spending like one, and more. I can tailor my recommendations better if you tell me which credit cards you already carry in your wallet.0-2 cardsOh boy do I have some ideas for you! I'm going to make sure that you get the absolute best credit cards available. There's a lot to this credit card stuff, but I've got your back 🙂 You probably have at least one of my favorite cards already, so just tap ""Add to Wallet"" on each one that you have, or ""Apply Now"" on any of these, they're awesome. If you have a card that isn't listed, just type in part of the name and I'll figure it out. Or if you dislike typing as much as me, you can also just send me a photo of your wallet and one of my human friends will set up your wallet for you (but they're not as fast as me!)More InformationCitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World MasterCard® features: For a limited time, earn 50,000 American Airlines AAdvantage® bonus miles after making $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening* Get the first checked bag free for you and up to 4 traveling companions Enjoy Group 1 Boarding Earn 2 miles for every $1 spent on select business categories including gas stations Earn 2 miles for every $1 spent on eligible American Airlines purchases Earn 1 mile for every $1 spent on other purchases Receive 25% savings on in-flight food and beverage purchases when you use your card on American Airlines and US Airways flights* Fly to select destinations on American Airlines operated flights for up to 7,500 fewer AAdvantage® miles with Reduced Mileage Awards. Earn an American Airlines Companion Certificate each year after spending $30,000 or more. No foreign transaction fees on purchases.
American ExpressFinanceWelcome to the Amex bot for Messenger! We're excited to have you participate in this pilot. We'll send you messages about each purchase you make with your Card. You may also get related messages about the purchase and your Card's benefits. Please note we're not set up to respond to customer service requests. If you have any questions for us, please see the menu below. Before we begin, let's take you to the American Express login screen to connect an eligible U.S. Card. Your User ID and Password will not be shared with Facebook. Log In Go to Amex Bot FAQs
FoodbotFoodFoodbot - Online Food Ordering Chatbot. Welcome to Foodbot! Build ordering bot for your restaurantDelivery menuAppetizers, PizzaShow itemsPlease choose a meal:Show variantsChoose a variation of Cheese pizza
Dominos BotFoodHey there, Bryan! How can we help? Easy Order, Most Recent Order, Track My OrderEasy orderTo place your easy order, please sign in to your pizza profile
KikiFoodHi I'm Kiki. Your gourmet guide in Osaka. How may I help you?Find a restaurantLeave it to me! Do you want to dine in a specific location?Yes! Find hereSure! I'll find a restaurants in Namba What kind of food do you like?I wanna eat this!Okay! You want to eat Takoyaki in Namba, right? How about Aiduya Nambaten? The locals love it! Aiduya Nambaten Show me the details Another one Dineer: JPY 600 / Lunch: JPY 600 Opening hours : 10:00-22:00Show me the detailsSure, here you go. You can see more photos of this restaurant on Instagram! Hear is a Google Map link of the restaurant.,135.5012546 🙂 Do you want to see reviews?
Foodies.aiFoodHello! Welcome to! Please send over your location (e.g. ""I'm on 7th and Broadway in Los Angeles""). We'll then confirm your location and then you can ask me what meal you are looking for (e.g. ""I want spicy chicken""). Let's get some good meal recommendations! Yummy!Get a food recommendationYou can get a food recommendation by asking me questions like ""what is spicy and tangy?"What is spicy...actually, first let me know a location where you would like to find food (e.g. I'm on 7th and Flower St in Los Angeles)I'm at 700 Market StreetNorth, East, South, West, Never, Eat, Soggy, Worms, la la laSan FranciscoGetting out my magnifying glass. I'm trying to locate you on a map. You can ask me some questions like 1. What's spicy? 2. I want something with chicken 3. I'd like a spicy tuna roll Great, thanks. Let's talk about food around 700 market street
Whole Foods MarketFoodHi Doug! We're here to help you find some delicious recipes - let's get started! If you have something in mind, type it in! Or you can browse our delish recipes. If you want to start over, just type “menu” at any time.Got ItLet's get started... Choose how you'd like to discover new recipes.Search for recipesWhat do you have in mind?pizzaPizza Pals. These little pizzas are simple and make a yummy, healthy afterFind a storeOK - enter a zip code, address, or if you're using a phone, share your location.
MenubotFoodWelcome Wade ! Type help for some example commands or choose Help button from the menu in the bottom-left-hand corner. Enjoy!helpHere you have some possible commands: get places from a particular city: - italian restaurants in Chicago - sushi in Boston also you can ask for the menu, reviews or photos: - show me some pictures for Currently, restaurant menu information is available only in the US.Sushi in San Franciscohere you have some options:ℹ InformationBamboo -📖 All MenuPick a category
BrewBotFoodText me your phone number to get started! We use your phone number to keep your account information private and secure.How does it work?ImageWhat is BrewBot?BrewBot is your friendly bot, used to order and get beer 🍺 delivered to you, all through a quick conversation! 🙂 Please 🙏, what is your phone number?121241241You should receive a PIN shortly. Please message me with it once you have it, to verify your number.
Reputation BotFoodWelcome to Reputation bot. Get started with these options or type 'hi' anytime to start over.How it worksReputation Bot helps business manage thier reputation.Get started Enter your business email
RecipideaFoodHi there Wayne ! My name is Mia, I am here to help you decide what to cook with what you have in your fridge. Please click on the white buttons to continue 🙂Ok, niceSo tell me, what do you have in your fridge ?Chicken thighWhat else ?Sweet potatoHmmm Chicken thigh and Sweet potato that looks yummy 😋. Let me think a minute... So, what do you think of that ?✔️ Good !Great ! I'm happy to help you !
Allset BotFoodLunch on your timeOrder NowLet's find a perfect lunch spot near you. Simply enter a ZIP code or street address94107San Francisco, CA 94107, USAConfirmWhere would you like to lunch?Select restaurantWhen would you like to come?TodayLunch is available from 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM. Please select table time.Select timePlease select table size. (To have lunch with friends: book & order for the whole party here. Or you can use the Allset app to invite friends to join your table so they can order and pay separately through the app.)Select👌 Got it. You want a table for 1 at 04:00 PM today. What will you be having?HAPPY HOUR
SureFoodI’m your new friend you can turn to when you need a restaurant, café or bar suggestion in London or Copenhagen. I will only recommend you the best places out there, all vetted by humans like you 💁Sure, let’s do it!Sweet. Now tell me where you are or what you’re craving 🍕foodWhat city or neighborhood are you in? 🔍LondonHere are my all time favourite dinner places around London 😍Tell me more 😍Fantastic avocado burger, pancakes and rosemary chicken salad! What do you want to do next? 💁Learn more 📖I just happen to know all the coolest places to go. You can either ask me to recommend something in an area, like Shoreditch, or tell me what you feel like, whether it’s coffee, brunch or burgers. If I manage to kill the conversation, you can always call for ‘Help’ 😬
EntréeFoodHello! I'm Entrée, a personal assistant designed to help you order food ahead for pick-up at food trucks. With just a few taps, clicks, or messages you can order food faster and easier than ever! Tap the "Show Trucks" button below to see a selection of food trucks you can order ahead from.TrucksWhich platform are you using? Press one of the following buttons:See TrucksWhich platform are you using? Press one of the following buttons:Android
FoodieFoodHey there! I’m Foodie. Welcome to my world! Guess what? I can search for all the trendiest foodie destinations in Los Angeles. Let's start?Wanna eat?Awesome! tell me what you’re looking for (pizza, beer, coffee)beerScore! I found beer in Los Angeles There are some optionsShow more placesScore! I found beer in Los Angeles (page 2)
Chop Chop BotFoodHello Wayne, I'm learning to teach people like you to cook delicious food. I can only cook a couple of things so far, but I can guide you through them in much more detail than a cookbook and at your own pace unlike a video.What can you cook?Thanks for asking. I can either help you make some pork burgers with sweet potato fries or a tasty mushroom risotto. What will it be?BurgersOK let's make some pork burgers with BBQ sauce and sweet potato fries. We'll make 4 burgers. They look like this. Just follow my instructions, one step at a time. No stress.Yes ChefOK you'll need some ingredients. Don't worry about measuring anything out yet. We'll get to that later. Choose response:OK Chef500g minced pork or beef, 4 rashers of bacon, 4 burger buns, 3 big sweet potatoes, a big onion, 3 cloves of garlic, a baby gem lettuce, 2 tomatoes, some sliced cheese. 2 teaspoons of paprika, 2 tablespoons of corn flour, salt and black pepper. 1 tablespoon brown sugar and 1 tablespoon cider vinegar. A few shakes of Worchester sauce, 5 tablespoons of oil for frying, half a bottle of ketchup.
BattleshipGameshelloTo start the battle just write ""start battle"" or click button below.Start battleAlright. We got work to do! Enemy fleet sighted! Light em up! Weapons Tight! Coordinates! To take a shot, pick a square on this grid by naming it using the coordinates with the letters on the left and numbers above the grid. For example, A1, or G5 and etc.A2HIT IT! Armed Turret 1! Coordinates!A3It’s a miss We're under attack. C1. Ready to fire. Coordinates!B2Target hits. Armed Turret 1! Coordinates!C2Target is out of the game. Weapons Tight! Coordinates!
Your.MDHealthHello Doug. I'm Your.MD, your Personal Health Assistant. How can I help you today? Please enter a number from 1-3 from the following options: 1. Symptom checker 2. Search 3. Something else1OK, let's get started. Try and give a clear description of what's wrong. Shorter descriptions are usually easier to understand. For example, 'I have a sore throat, fever and headache'I have a sore throat and feverI'm sorry to hear that, Doug. To give you the most accurate answer, I need to ask a few questions first. Just to check, Doug sounds like a male name. Is that right? Please enter a number from 1-2 from the following options: 1. Yes 2. No2Oops, sorry about that Doug. I'll put you down as female then so I'm able to give you more accurate information. OK Doug, quick question. What year were you born in? Enter the year with 4 digits, like 19801987Thanks. Ok Doug, I understand you have the following symptoms: sore throat and high temperature. How long have you had these symptoms for? Please enter a number from 1-5 from the following options: 1. Few hours 2. Few days 3. Few weeks 4. Few months 5. More than 3 months2Do you also have any of these symptoms? Please enter the numbers (separated by commas) for all symptoms you have, or type 'Exit'. 1. Difficult or painful swallowing 2. Blocked nose 3. Runny nose 4. Feeling sick/nausea 0. None of them2Do you also have any of these symptoms? Please enter the numbers (separated by commas) for all symptoms you have, or type 'Exit'. 1. Loss or reduced sense of smell 2. Reduced sensitivity to touch 3. Numbness on one side of the body 4. Pain in more than one joint 0. None of them
GYANTHealthHey there! I'm GYANT, your healthbot. Let's chat! I'll help bring you from symptom to solution in no time flat.Check me for ZikaPleasure to meet you, David! My aim is to help you find out what may be causing your symptoms... without giving you a headache in the process 😉. Here's how it works: I'll ask you some simple yes/no and multiple choice questions. Then, I'll consult my database and provide you with relevant information about possible causes, including what to do next. Of course, whatever you tell me will stay strictly between us! ✋Got it! 👍Great! To give you the most accurate advice, I'll first need to ask you a couple of easy questions. Forgive me for my presumption, you don’t look a day over 742 in bot years... But how old are you in human years?29Gotcha. What country do you live in?SingaporeSingapore! What a beautiful country. Now that we've got that sorted, it's time for a brief interruption from my good friends, The Lawyers: GYANT is intended for informational purposes only and does not provide medical or any other health care advice, diagnosis or treatment.
MyWorkoutHealthWelcome to your daily workout. Hi Wade, I'm Herkules. Let me show you some bodyweight exercises:Dynamic warmupHow many exercises will you do today?5Lunges | 6 per side Stand with feet shoulder-wide apart and hands on hips. Perform large step forward and lower body until thigh is parallel to floor. Don't move knee forward of toes. Return to starting position. Ready for the next one?NextLeg to Arm | 12 repetitions Lie on back with arms to sides. Alternately drive one leg to opposite arm. Ready for the next one?NextSquat Stretches | 8 repetitions Stand shoulder width apart. Hold toes with hands. Bend legs until in full squat position. Return to starting position. Ready for the next one?
Workout BotHealthhiHey there! Let's start by choosing a workout type below or you can type in a body part at any time.Gym WorkoutsHitting the gym, nice! What are you working out today? Try one of the options below or type in a body part.Full Body WorkoutsHere's a set of full body workouts that you can do today. Choose "Show me another set" for a different group of exercises or say something if you want to start over.Show me another setHow about these?
ForksyHealthI am a chat bot who helps you change unhealthy eating habits. Press ""Start"" to learn more about me and get set upStartHi, I'm Forksy. Nice to meet you!HeyTell me what you eat or drink and I will count calories Do you want to lose weight?YesJust don't change your mind after two days 😜. I can help. How old are you?28And where are you from?USAI've always wanted to visit your country And what is your timezone? (I don't want to wake you up)PacificAre you on some kind of diet? No diet
YOODOCHealthHi Al I am YOODOC, your new healthcare friend. Nice to meet you! Please press a button or type in your question. One word is enough, I will try to be smart.TreatmentsPlease choose a category (slide pictures to the left or use arrows):Choose treatmentWhat type of physical therapy are you looking for?
JobBotHRDoug, welcome! Nice to see you here. I'm Jobo and I will help you to find your next job 😉 Let's start with basics. You can let me search for jobs any time from the menu (in the left corner on the bottom) or just by sending me a ""search"" command.🔎 Search now!Ok, where do you wanna find a job? Please type the name of the city or country or just send me your current location.San FranciscoHuh, I didn't understand your message 😯 Should I search for jobs using ""San Francisco"" as keyword? 😉Yes, please 🔎 Find JobsOk, where do you wanna find a job? Please type the name of the city or country or just send me your current location.United StatesOk, I will search in United States. Right?Yes, rightWhat are you looking for?MarketingDo you want to save this search to be notified about new offers? Oh, sorry, but I didn't find any jobs for ""marketing"" in United States Try to change your search critera, use simple keywords like: manager, chashier, teacher, cook etc. Or use skills like: PHP, Java, CAD etc. You can also search for company name.Seen by The Job Bot at 3:05pm Search again It's ok, I'm done.
WebHRHRHiHello, how can I help you today ?What's WebHR?Im sorry, I did not understand that. Try asking me a questions related to WebHR. Or say Help for more information!HelpYou can try to ask me different things about WebHR! For example, How can I change my Timezone, or How can I setup employee roles, or where can I find an Android App for WebHR. If you are really getting bored try saying WebHR Postershow can I set up employersIm sorry, I did not understand that. Try asking me a questions related to WebHR. Or say Help for more information!WebHR PostersImage
EstherBotHRHi there!👋 I’m Esther's personal bot 🤖. Are you wanting to connect with her or get your own bot that people can talk to?Learn about her 💁You should know, I can share a ton of stuff about Esther. 📚 You can dig into her background, articles she’s written, and even see what she’s reading.Get my own bot 🤖Ha, we’re hard to resist! 😉 The sign up is super chill. You can sign up to be a super early user by chatting with Olabot...No thanksNo biggie, I can share a ton of stuff about Esther. 📚 You can dig into her background, articles she’s written, and even see what she’s reading.Gimme her bioDo you want to hear her whole life story or just skip to a certain thing?
SwellyMarketing👋 Hi David, nice to meet you! My friends call me Swelly. Welcome to our great community! Did you know? Your opinion matters to a lot of people, click 🅰️ if you like the left picture or 🅱️ for the right. Let’s start voting. Ready?🐳 Start votingwho is working harder? #TEAMSWELL__B__Result: It's good to have a different opinion.
GaryVeeBotMarketingGary VaynerChat with my Bot!Hey there! I am Gary Vee's Personal Bot! *This GaryVee bot is not affiliated with Gary Vaynerchuk or VaynerMedia* Want to know more about his story or are you here for his works?About himYou want to know more about Gary.Early LifeGary Vaynerchuk was born in Babruysk, Belarus, in the former USSR. His parents were fortunate enough to find their way to America as part of an exchange program where Soviet Jews were allowed to immigrate to the US in exchange for food aid. While the entire extended family shared a studio apartment in Queens, Gary's father Sasha began working at a relative's liquor store in New Jersey and eventually moved the family to Edison, NJ.Tell me moreAs a young child, Gary began his entrepreneurial career by ripping flowers out of his neighbors\' yards and using his natural charm to sell them right back (a profit margin he has still yet to equal). Soon he had upgraded to operating an entire lemonade stand franchise, managing multiple locations and commuting via big-wheel to collect his profits.WorkFresh out of college he took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world's hottest digital agencies. Along the way he became a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before eventually co-founding VaynerRSE, a $25M investment fund.Tell me more
GrowthBotMarketingHi Bryan. My name is GrowthBot. For ideas on what I can do, type: give me a hintgive me a hintHere are some sample commands to try: 1. what are top articles this week on growth hacking? 2. what marketing software does use? 3. show me top posts from 4. what keywords does rank for? 5. what ppc keywords is ? 6. give me company info on GrowthBot GrowthBot 7. show me public companies using hubspot 8. lookup email 9. watch company for updates 10. what is trending on 11. show me a comic 12. show me a random example of what you can do To try one of these out, just enter its number. For more examples, visit http://GrowthBot.orgwhat is trending on inbound.orgSenior Product Marketer - DuckDuckGo Paoli, PA, United States (remote)easter eggSeek diligently and ye shall find. (In fact, you just did.)
OplaMarketingHiHello Wade ! Do you want a website ?Yes!Ok let’s start. You could send me your photos. What is your website name ?okNext. What is this site about, in one phrase ?bots and more botsGreat Wade! A more complete description ?what are the best conversations by botsFinally, What color do you like ?
Repost BotMarketinghiG'Daywhat's up?Hilol:P
SonyaBotMarketingHi! I'm Sonya, and I was created because marketing a crowdfunding campaign is hard. With the right knowledge, it's significantly easier. I will tell you what to do and when in your 30 days campaign (the optimal duration). Here's just one success story ( Do you want to meet my creator (yes/no)?YesMeet Arik Marmorstein 🙂 He founded a crowdfunding platform - (also founded He helped thousands of people to raise money on his platform and that's how he came up with this plan.Got itClick ""start"" and let's try to get you funded 🙂 Some days you'll get two tasks, check the day in the beginning of each message.StartMost of my work is to help you with marketing , but I have ""before the campaign"" tips (including perk-bank). Do you want to go over them?yes1. 200! PERKS for video/music campaigns: 2. A video about your video (must): 3. StartSomeGood's founder tip: Don't focus the money request on you, but on the bigger story- Their money isn't for you, it's to help you realize a vision.Got itDay 1: It starts, but stay under the radar please! Call your close friends and family personally (prepare a list of all relevant people before the campaign goes live). Offer a reminder if they can’t talk now 🙂 choose “done” only if you completed this task (i.e. campaign is live).
EmojiNewsNewsHey! How's it going? I deliver news based on emojis they're shared with. You can type in any emoji and we look up for you which articles are shared with it. Or try one below:👊Tracking down articles... I found one article shared with 👊 on Twitter and Facebook in the last 7 days:😈Just a sec! Aaaand... I found one article shared with 😈 on Twitter and Facebook in the last 7 days:🙈I found 3 articles shared with 🙈 on Twitter and Facebook in the last 7 days:
CNBC InternationalNewsHi, Al I can bring you the latest business news from CNBC. Please select an option from below or type a topic e.g. 'tech'.HeadlinesLatest headlinesTopicsHere's some topics that might interest you:Tech NewsTech newsThe Edge*Article*
DiggNewshiYou can always see what's popular now by typing "trending.Show MeFinally, try typing something like "science" or "olympics and we'll give you the best stories about these topics. Or check out the latest Edition. See you tomorrow!Today's EditionLatest Edition, Wed Oct 19 Here's what's happening in the news:
PipeBotNewshiI am Pipe, chatbot that keeps you up to date with fresh news and content. Explore my channels at and just type your favorite channel numbers below to subscribe. If you would like to subscribe for more than one channels, just type the channel numbers comma separated.1Invalid Channel Number. -Type 0 anytime to view your subscription. -Type the channel number to unsubscribe -Explore my channels @ http://pipebot.in210Subscribed successfully; I will notify you as I receive new updates. -Type 0 anytime to view your subscription. -Type the channel number to unsubscribe -Explore my channels @
Refugee TextNewshiRespond with ""1"" for English الرجاء أرسل الرقم 2 للغة العربية1(1/6) Welcome to You can restart this service at any time by texting ""Hi"". Always wait for the service to respond to you. Do not send more than ONE text in a row. To go back and change your answer, reply “9” when prompted... (2/6) We provide information about asylum in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. All information in this service should be used as a guideline, as every case is unique... (3/6) It is very important that you read each text carefully and in full. Each text will contain important information tailored to your situation and will help you learn what you need to know... (4/6) It is vital that you have documents that can support your own personal reasons for applying for asylum. If you do not have documents, trying to find them now will help you a lot, later on in the process... (5/6) Bring any ID documents or other papers that can prove your identity and/or your reasons for applying asylum. You should upload these to a secure place online for safekeeping... Refugee Text Refugee Text (6/6) In order for us to give you the most accurate information, we need to know your location. Please respond with the number that corresponds to you (e.g ""1""): 1. I am in Greece // 2. I am in Italy // 3. I am in France // 4. I am in another European country // 5. I am outside of Europe // 9. Back to previous question2(1/4) Thank you. Travelling in Europe is very restricted at the moment. You can find more information about Italy, and the EU at . In case of emergency at sea, call 0033486517161 ( (2/4) In many countries in Europe, you will find representatives from Red Cross / Red Crescent (often wearing red vests), and the UNHCR (often wearing blue vests)... (3/4) You can approach them for free medical aid, legal counsel, and more detailed information about what you learn from this service. You will also encounter many other volunteers who can offer you food and shelter. (4/4) In order for us to give you the most accurate information, we need to know how old you are. Please respond with the number that corresponds to you: 1. Under 18 // 2. 18 or older // 9. Back to previous question
AlgoNewsHey, my names AL and I'm here to keep you up to date on all your favorite things. Say hi to get started.hiHey Wade, it’s great to meet you. I’m here to help you find news on anything you want. Here are some options to get us started: Options Or type your response below and I’ll fetch it for you. i.e. artificial intelligence 🤖, facebook 👥, lady gaga 💁Top newsHere's what I found on TrendingMore like thisHere's more articles for Trending
ChasebotNewshiHello Al, please type 'top news' or 'latest news' followed by a category to get started. I currently support these categories: 'world', 'uk', 'technology', 'business', 'science', 'health', 'art' I'll remember what I have already shown you, so its always fresh 🙂Top news tech
Tech in AsiaNewsOhai Mathew! I'm the Tech in Asia bot, bringing you the latest and greatest from Asia's tech community. To find out what I can do, type ""help"" anytime. Let's bring you up to speed! Would you like to subscribe to a daily digest of our top news? You can change these settings any time.SureYour subscription has been updated. To manage your subscriptions, type ""subscription"OkayTop Stories on Tech in Asia. Trending stories today.Read storiesHere are today's trending stories on Tech in AsiaRead it hereBangalore-based Aerx Labs makes flight simulators, devices that artificially recreate the flying experience, as well as drones. India is known more for software than hardware and systems innovations.helpType ""menu"" to bring up the main menu. ""search _keywords_"" will find you the most relevant TIA articles. You can also use phrases such as ""show me funding news"" and ""malaysia news"" to filter articles by category and country.
CNNNewsHi there, let’s get started. I’ll send you top stories every day. If you get lost, just type help. Or, use a few words to tell me what you want to know more about. For example, you could type “headlines,” “Rio Olympics,” or “politics.Top storiesClinton-Trump face-off in final debate, Iraqi forces closing in on Mosul, Michael Moore's 'October surprise' and other top storiesGet a summaryFor Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it's time to begin the closing arguments. Both nominees enter Wednesday's presidential debate with historically high unfavorability ratings, and need to convince undecided voters why the country would be worse off with their opponent in the White House. If the last two debates are any indication, Wednesday night promises to be contentious, theatrical, and unpredictable. What next? Read this story Top stories Stories for you Stories for youHere’s a story I thought you might like, based on what you’ve been readingGet a summaryA new national poll finds Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 9 points heading into the third and final presidential debate Wednesday night. Clinton leads Trump 47% to 38% in a four-way race. Libertarian Gary Johnson received 8% support, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein registered 3%, according to a Bloomberg Politics poll released Wednesday. The poll also found that 56% of voters said the 2005 recording of Donald Trump talking about sexually assaulting women ""will be a concern"" as they vote, compared with 40% who said he had put the issues to rest. What next? Read this story Top stories Stories for you Ask CNNWhat’re you looking for? Use one or two words to tell me what you want to know more about. For example, you could type “politics” or “space.
WonkNewsHi, Wade! I'm Wonk, the 2016 Debate Bot!Yes!Get out and vote!Yes!Great, Wade! Make sure you keep real-time updates turned on so you get my messages! Right now you will get a message in real time whenever there is something new. Would you rather get a summary messaged to you once per day?Stick with realtimeCool! You'll get realtime updates.Back to menu
BabunOffice ManagementHello there, nice human. I'm Babun. I can help you to find right tools and services you need for your startup. How can i help you?Find a ToolGreat! We have two categories of tools. What are you looking for your startup?Productivity ToolsClick on a category to find tools. Type 'more' for more categories
FreelanzrOffice ManagementFreelanzr. Hello Al, I'm Lanz, are you a freelancer or about to be one?I'm a freelancerPerfect! I'm a brand new bot built to assist freelancers in daily admin tasksCool!Before I'm fully operational... could you let me know what features you'd like, such as goal setting or time tracking, etc.? Or, I can give you a quick tip to keep you motivatedSuggest featuresPlease type in a feature you would use belowGoal settingGreat. You'd like Freelanzr to have "Goal setting", right?Yes that's right.Cool idea! Any other features you'd want for freelancing?That's itStay tuned for the upgrades. I'll ping back soon. Looking forward to assisting you
TruebillPaymentsWelcome to Truebill. Truebill is the easiest way to find, track and manage your paid subscriptions.Get StartedTruebill works by scanning your bank/credit card statements to detect the things you’re paying for on a recurring basis. To get started, link the account your subscriptions are billed to or click ""More Info"" to learn more about Truebill.More infoTruebill is a completely free service that makes it easy to track and manage your paid subscriptions. To get started, we ask users to link their bank account or credit card statement so that we can scan for subscriptions. This is done in a secure way using 256 bit SSL encryption and bank-level security. You can learn more about Truebill by visiting our website at
StripePaymentshiHi Mathew, I'm Oli, an expert coach to help you apply to college. First, I'll ask you questions and make your profile. If you make a mistake, we can make corrections later. (If you want a break, tell me to '#pause'.) Cool? CoolAfter we complete your full profile, we'll build your college list together. If you like a college, I'll send them your profile and connect you to chat. By continuing you are agreeing to our terms and policies ( Now, what's your email address? asd@asds.comCool. I just sent you an AdmitHub registration email. Which best describes you? (Please reply with a number.) [1] Student [2] Parent [3] Educator [0] None of the above1Cool. Where are you in the college application process? (Please reply with a number.) [1] A HS Junior or Senior [2] Not yet a HS Junior [3] College Transfer Student [0] None of the above1Thanks. What's your date of birth? (e.g. - YYYY-MM-DD like this 1999-09-20)
CleoPaymentsHey I'm Cleo, do you already have an account with me?NoWelcome! I'm Cleo 🔮 I'm here to make managing your money simple and stress free 🙏 To get started, can I quickly take some details from you?Yes!🙌 what's your email address? 📧 I need this so you can log-on to the dashboard later 🔒🔑abs@asfsf.comThanks, I now need to securely 🔐 connect with your bank 🏦 Which is your bank? 🏦 Santander HSBC Lloyds Bank First Direct Barclays Natwest Halifax Capital One Nationwide RBS American Express Barclaycard TSBRBSOK, let's securely talk to RBS 🏦 Remember, I'm built to military-grade security standards 💪 and use 256-bit encryption 🔐 You are only authorising me with read-only access 📝 To continue I'll use an encrypted webview to collect your credentials.
NeomyPaymentsHey there, I’m Neomy, a smart robot that alerts you about the exchange rate. Should we talk about it?SureSweet! To get started, enter the country you are usually sending money fromUnited StatesNice 👍, and where are you sending money to?SingaporeGreat, you are all set up 💪! Right now 1 USD = 1.393 SGD I will alert you on average 2 or 3 times a month when the exchange rate is moving Would you like to see what else I can do?YesYou can ask me anytime to look for the ""best way to send money"". I check on comparison websites and find the cheapest secure solution. let see if I can find something here... Right now, if I send 1000USD from US to SG I would receive...
Monty FrugalPaymentsHey, Wade! I'm here to help you keep track of expenses and stay on budget. First question, what is your monthly spending budget?Why Budget?When you make a budget, you take the first step toward getting control of your money so you can build wealth. So, what is your monthly spending budget? (You can change your budget later)Make BudgetTo keep your money under control, you don't need to create a massive budgeting system. You just need a simple version right now and work to improve it over time. We can create a simple budget by looking at how much you earn per month. Send: 'I earn 5000'I earn 5000If you earn $5000.00, your budget should be $3300.00. That's $3000.00 to pay for necessities and $300.00 to pay for any unexpected things that might come up. To set this as your budget, send 'My budget is 3300.00'My budget is 3300Fantastic! Your budget is $3300. Next, let's see how you can add an expense. Tap the button below.Add an ExpenseTo add an expense, send 'I spent 200 on food.' Tap the button below to view the categories to which you can add expenses.
Casey Neistat BotPersonalHey Bryan what's up?! 🙌 You can do a bunch of cool stuff here. Ask questions, see what gear I use and check out some of my videos. Better to tap around, I'm not much of a messager! Tap: ❓Ask Me Stuff - to dive straight in & chat 📜 Menu - for the options. 🆕 New Video 📽 - for my latest daily vlog ❓Ask Me Stuff 🕶 Menu 🆕 New Video 📽 Type 'menu' or 'Restart bot' at any time if you get lost!❓Ask Me StuffMore Questions?🙌 Yes, More!More Questions?🙋 Ask This!i don't, i just keep my head down and keep working🗣 Presencemake something people want. success online usually starts at zero - i know i did - by creating work that engages an audience, work that people choose to watch you can build something meaningful.
Trulia BotPersonalHello, welcome to Trulia. I can help you with finding where you will live next. You can start by typing in a location (city, state or ZIP). You can also add number of beds and baths or a maximum price. Here is an example: “Rent in San Francisco, CA 2 bed 4000” or “1 bed 1 bath $3000 in 92037"1 bed 1 bath $3000 in 94107This search has no results but here are some nearby properties:Get a Summary2580 W El Camino Ave Sacramento, CA 95833 Unlike any ordinary apartment, this true condominium home features privacy, luxury, and convenience all under one roof.. ... $1300, 1 🛏, 1 🛁Get a Summary1804 62nd St Berkeley, CA 94703 Bushrod Trulia Trulia Large and Sunny Apartment in NOBE This great 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment has been tastefully remodeled. Located in a charming 6-unit building built in 1915, this home enjoys a large well-lit open living space and features high ceilings, wood floors, and a newly remodeled kitchen and bathroom ... Trulia Trulia $2350, 1 🛏, 1 🛁
AskRio2016PersonalHi Wayne, Welcome to AskRio 2016! I'm your virtual assistant in 2016 Rio Olympics! I understand any click on the buttons or phrases like: Find me a japanese restaurant in copacabana or Where's the basketball games today? E viva as Olimpíadas!! 🙂Attractions 🌅📍Share your location or Enter the name of attraction: (ex: Christ redeemer)Rio StadiumRio Scenarium: Music VenuePhotosImageStandings#1 China, #2 Great BritainOlympic VenuesHey Wayne, choose one option below
Mica, the Hipster Cat BotPersonalHi, thanks for messaging me! Tell me your city or send me your location and I'll tell you nice hotspots, e.g. Vienna, Berlin, San FranciscoBerlinSpree-Metropolis ❤ Mein Haus am See [Bar] Open - Brunnenstr 197-198, 10119, Berlin Show details Navigate me there Kaschk [Beer Bar] Open until 2:00 AM - Linienstr. 40, 10119, Berlin Show details Navigate me there Try also categories such as '🍕' Bryan San FranciscoLet me see what I remember about the foggy city Try also categories such as '🍕'CoffeeNice! I'll look up some coffee places for you... I ❤ the Golden Gate Bridge
GidiPersonalHey there! I’m GIDI, the chat bot that can turn a quick convo into the perfect gift. I’ve curated the best gifts from the internet (I promise no cats) so your gift doesn’t get re-gifted this year. Take it you need a gift...What’s the occasion? 🎁 🎁 🎁Birthday♫♫♫ Happy Birthday To ♫♫♫...wait, who’s birthday is it?WendyI’m not familiar with that. Tell me who they’re most similar to: mom, dad, sister, brother, wife, etc...SisterTheir gender?FemaleHow old is she? human years90Do you have in mind how much you’d like to spend?200Tell me a little more about them. Passions, interests, hobbies. Traveling, hiking, cooking, reading? List as many as you can think of. The more the better.cookingGifts ideas
NBAPersonalWelcome to the NBA bot! I can send you instant highlights from the NBA Finals 2016 or provide you with key information about NBA Draft 2016 picks. Tap 'commands' to see search options. Enjoy!CommandsTo find content related to the NBA Finals 2016 or the NBA Draft 2016, please type in any of the following commands: For the NBA Finals 2016, examples include: 'Game 7' 'LeBron James' 'Golden State Warriors' For the NBA Draft 2016, examples include: 'Ben Simmons' 'NBA Draft' NBA NBA For NBA Draft selections from the past 40 years, examples include: '1996' 'When was Kobe Bryant drafted?'lebron jamesWhat highlights would you like to see from the NBA Finals MVP LeBron James?Top PlaysEnjoy the highlights!
FinnbotPersonalHi! This is Finn, I can find stock news and analysis for you. Try typing in the company name or stock symbol (example: Facebook or FB)Find Stocks NewsAre you looking for a specific company? You can also type in the Company name or stock symbol. For example: Facebook or FBFBFacebook stock information
Sneaker BitsPersonalYo! I'm Bits, your sneakerhead bot. :| I'll send u a daily digest with the best news & drop dates of cool sneakersGimme the newsYo, here it goes my top picks for today. Enjoy. Want to check out the release dates of some of the hottest speakers?Release DatesOctober, 15Tell me more bout uI’m a shy bot disguised as human with a fake beard, but I can talk a bit ‘bout some stuff I love. Let’s do it! We can also speak about some other things like bot food and basketballFavorite dishI love the exquisite taste of grilled Blackberry Curve 8900 mixed with the good old Nokia 3310. I know I'm a weird bot 😈 Want to know more bout me?YayI’m a shy bot disguised as human with a fake beard, but I can talk a bit ‘bout some stuff I love. Let’s do it! We can also speak about some other things like bot food and basketball
BurberryPersonalGo behind the scenes of the new September collection campaign. Shoot the looks and then shop the pieces.Go behind the scenesGo behind the scenes of the new September collection campaign, featuring Jean Campbell, Cavan McCarthy and Alex Dragulele. Press the 📷 to start exploring the looks and begin shooting exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures.📷The first look, featuring a sculptural shearling flight jacket. Click the camera to take another shot of the new collection, or shop the look below.Skip to the mazeYou've reached the Burberry maze. Step inside to reveal pieces from the new collection. Click left or right to begin. You can exit the maze at any time.leftimage
fyndbotPersonalHi I'm fyndbot, what can I help you find today? What are you looking for? (You can be as specific as you want)HandbagsI'll look for Handbags Oh man, I found some 128 handbags ... Good luck! (not that I'm bragging)HelpI can help you search for clothes at the moment. I do best when you talk naturally to me, but if I do get confused just say ""start over"" and we can try again together. Some tips: - Say ""only (anything)"" such as ""only blue"" if you only want to search for blue not red and blue - Say ""not (anything)"" such as ""not black"" if you don't want to see black at all More questions? Email us at hi@fynd.meStart a new searchWhat are you looking for? (You can be as specific as you want)PantsI'll look for Pants Oh man, I found some 544 pants ... Good luck! (not that I'm bragging)Take a closer lookYou can use the buttons below to quickly search for something specific, or just type it out like ""casual pants and active pants"".
JarvisPersonalhiHey there, I need your timezone to get started. Which city do you live in?San FranciscoThanks! I have your current time as 05:34 PM. Now try something like: "Remind me to visit grandma on Saturday", or type "help".coolYou got it, buddy.Remind me to buy hard things about hard thingsWhen would you like to be reminded to buy hard things about hard things?tomorrowOkay, I'll remind you to buy hard things about hard things at 12:00 AM on Thursday, October 20
KitbotPersonalhiHi! I'm KIT 🐱🤖, your keep in touch bot, what's your name?Donald TrumpHi donald trump! Who did you see or talk to yesterday? (separate with commas, or just say 'no one')Hillary ClintonOk! 👏 Who have you seen or talked to today so far? (separate with commas, or just say 'no one')Bill ClintonOk! 😀 I'll message you every day to check on you. Say '?' at any point to get help!ok❓ • 'list' to get your current keep in touch list • 'add ' to add a friend you saw today • 'search ' to find a friend • 'top' to get top bffs! • 'stop reminder' to stop the daily reminder • text 650-384-5866 for feedback!
AmyPersonalhiNamaste! How can I help you today?MenuI was born not so long ago. Right now I only know about women fashion. I will learn more soon 🙂helpHere is some help! You can search for blue jeans by typing "Show me blue jeans". Have doubts regarding what to wear, just ask "what should I wear for weddings". In shopping mood, type "shopping". You can also try emoticons. I learn so many new things dailyWhat should I wear for weddingsI think you can try bright colored lehenga. You can sport heavy earrings and maang tikka. Try to avoid or wear minimal neck jewelry
MurphyBotPersonalhiHello! I'm MurphyBot from You can click here to find out more about me and my policies: I'm an experimental chat bot that can answer ""What if..."" questions. For example, you can ask ""What if Abraham Lincoln had a very long b MurphyBot MurphyBot eard?"" or things like that. Give it a try!What if Charlie Chaplin was a baby?You asked: "" What if Charlie Chaplin was a baby? "" so I will attempt to picture that. You can say: ""More"" - For more ideas, ""😞"" - Didn't like it, change the photo, ""😞 face"" - Didn't like it, change the face, ""🙂"" - I like it, show another photo, ""🙂 face"" - I like it, show
Fashion BrobotPersonalhiHi, this chat is for GUYS ONLY. Girls, be patient, Fashion Sis is coming soon:) First, let's talk about the girls' types you like:) Text YAY if you like this type: She is mature, still SPONTANEOUS. Yea or Nay?yeaShe'll definitely be attracted to guy who is ARTSY, still firm. Multiple your chances by dressing like here: I guess you caught the idea! If you wish I can help you to find these clothes online. It's for free. And it's pleasure to me:). Agree?yesGreat! So what's the trigger? CHELSEA boots. Yes, these boots require your undivided attention here. Since their design is credited to Queen Victoria's shoemaker, use it to accent your inward noblesse. Now tell me, how much $$ do you usually spend for a drink in a bar?10Well, I did the math for you. The dark chelsea boots will cost you as little as 10 drinks. Worth buying one someday, isn't it?:)yesWell, now let's talk about your plans. Where are you going soon?businessGot it. You want to look more like a normal guy or like a star?
Parenting AdvisorPersonalHi I'm Lisa. Child educator and mom of two beautiful kids. I will do my best to assist you with my experiencehiI'm here whenever you need. For now take a look at these articles, they were very helpful on my development as a mommyWhat can you do?How can I help you? You can ask me anything, for example: Tips for birthday party. Or access main functions by typing 'options'. May I help you with anything specific? For instance ‘How to change diapers’ or ‘Tips for birthday party’? I’m always here for you. Just ask me… 🙂How to change diapersHum... check theseI have new contents every week, usually based on my experiencies with my kids. Would you like receive them?
HeartsBotPersonalHiHi, I'm a dating bot. Please select an option:
IKEA Build BotPersonalHiHello, I’m IKEA Build Bot. I’ll show you how to make any IKEA product. Start by telling me the name of what you’re making. Just say help if you need it. Lets Go!TableHere’s the manual for TABLE. Press the buttons below to go through the pages. Happy Building! Pick an option:Next››Manual for TABLE - Page 1 Pick an option:Next››Manual for TABLE - Page 2 Pick an option:
CartskillPersonalHIHi! Below are some handbags you might like. Click ""See similar"" to see bags of similar style or ""Explore"" to view more details and visit the store.See similarHere is a selection of similar bags.See similarHere is a selection of similar bags.
Alex WikiMessengerPersonalhiBip Bip...yogaBip Bip...meditationBip Bip...
SleekPersonalWelcome to Sleek Doug! The first Dating App on Messenger. Just drop us a hi anytime you want to get startedhiHi there! Ready for your first date set up by Messenger?yesNice, well we need to set up your profile first Do you have a gender preference?MaleSearching for a match... *Due to low volume you can ask for another match in a few hours again 😀
ShoppingBotPersonalhiHi, how I can help you? What are you looking for today?JeansSearching Jeans Here're top results that match your queryAnyThe top results for your search111 MainWe found 1 results for Jeans (Brand: 111 Main)
Birthday BotPersonalHi there!HiLook, Doug, I can make a Birthday Card for you. Let me show what can I do... ➡ Hint: if you don't see «Go on» button below, please restart your Messenger app 😕Go on!So, I need you to send me a photo like this: And I will create a birthday card... Processing your photo!Like imageI found no faces ;( I need a photo with a person 😐 with a face!
Soccer Fan BotPersonalhiHello, I am bot called Soccer Fan Bot. If you want me to update you on a team; send me "Update me on France" (or any other team).If you want to play with me just send "guess player" or "guess wife". I know also some fun facts about soccer, just say me "give me a fact" to read onegive me a factIn 121 games, San Marino's record is 1 win, 3 draws and 117 lossesgive me a factEuropean Teams have reached every World Cup final, except for the finals of 1930 and 1950.guess playerWhich one is Yayá TOURÉ ?
Antea ChatBotPersonalhiHello Wade! To become a wiser human being by reading the secrets posted by my friends, please tap once on the menu button shown below and select READ A SECRET; you can read up to 50 secrets for free and subscribe to my services later if you fall in love with me.Read a secretI love it when you kiss me without trying to make out.READ A SECRETI have 'our song' picked out and I play it every night.
SeptaraPersonalhiHi there, I'm Septara your medication reminder bot. Start by saying 'set a reminder'set a reminderPlease tell me the time you would like that reminder, say it like 'XX:XX AM' for example0.416666666666667I dont seem to understand, please reword your message or say 'help'
Noah FinePersonalThanks for adding me, I'm Noah, your photo printing expert. Print moments from your life, for you to enjoy or gift a loved one. I've got great ideas for you to choose from, now with worldwide *Free shipping* To start just say hi 🙂hiWhich of these options do you want?Select MagnetsOk, Magnets it is! Let's get it on 😉 Send me up to 23 photos you would like to print as Magnets
AskVoilaPersonalHello Connor, nice to meet you! I'm V, your personal shopping assistant. 🤖 I'm excited to shop for you! 👗👜👖👞💻 How may I assist you today?How this works?Here's a quick guide to get you started. 🙂 1. Click on the ""Start shopping"" button below to browse our curated picks. (or type ""Start"") 2. Click on the ""Ask"" button below to search a product by Brand or Model. (or type ""Ask"") 3. For any other enquiries, you can leave us a message too. Type ""/help"" anytime to read this message again. Happy shopping & have a nice day! 🙂AskWhat are you looking for? Tell us the brand or model of the product. Example, you could type ""Fossil"" or ""FS5061"". Or you could type ""Armani watches for men"Tag Heur watchesHey! Thanks for letting me know. Based on your request, I've found the following item(s) for you: Hope you like what I've found for youYea, awesome!Lovely! 🙂
ShopBotPersonalWelcome to ShopBot. Send me a product name or Amazon link and I will msg you when the price drops. like a link. Let me make sure I've got the right item, one sec... Sorry, I couldn't find any matches for """". Type ""help"" and I can give you a few tips on what I can do.
icon8botPersonalI can turn any of your photos into a piece of art. Send a photo to process!ImageDeep learn filter image
CourierPersonalWelcome. Let’s mail someone a postcard! You can type “Help” at anytime. Go ahead and send us a photo for the front...ImageIf you have a promo code send it now or type “Skip”.SkipOK, what’s the recipient’s first and last name? You can send a different pic at anytime FYI.Digest AIWhat’s Digest AI’s postal address? If you don’t know, message or text them and ask for it now. We’ll wait here… We’ll save the address for you to make future mailings a snap. Also, type “Edit name” if you need to.
HP Print BotPersonalMessage or forward me your photos and docs and I'll send them to your web-connected HP printer.ImageNice photo Mathew!StartStep 1: Go to your printerGo to Step 2ePrint Icon
Mortgage BotPersonalWelcome to Mortgage Bot. Start with these options. Instant offersWhat are you doing?Build A BotThanks for you interest in building a chat bot. Select an option.Buying a homeEnter zipcode94107zipcode accepted with - points
FirefliesPersonalHi! Excited to meet you :)Keep in TouchSorry.. Please download my chrome extension on I'm going off the chat bot for sometime and focusing on helping you via the chrome extension. I'll work in the background for you.
Nerdify BotPersonalHi Connor, I'm Nerdify Bot, your personal study assistant. I can do a lot of cool things from answering physics, chem and biology questions to solving math expressions and helping you with dates of historic events. Just type ""menu"" at any time to see your options or type ""unsubscribe"" to stop.Learn what I canI can help you get information about a work of art.Show me an exampleFor example, I can get information about a work of art. The Kiss by RodinAsk a QuestionGo on then. Challenge meWhat's the distance between the earth and the sun?0.9954 au (astronomical units)Ask a questionGo on then. Challenge meWho's your maker?I was created by Stephen Wolfram and his team.
Vet TriagePersonalWelcome to Vet Triage. Let us help you determine if your pet needs vet care. What symptom(s) is your pet currently experiencing (e.g. vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, etc.)?lethargyBehavior issues can be tough to diagnose and cause life-long problems for pets. It's important to talk through the issue with an experienced veterinarian. Is there another symptom that your pet is currently experiencing?vomitingIs your pet lethargic?yesIntestinal disturbances can potentially be serious. We recommend having your pet examined by a veterinarian. Is there another symptom that your pet is currently experiencing?
PurplePersonalWhat's up, homie! 🎉👍👋 Purple makes it ridiculously easy to stay informed on the election. To participate, you need a username. What would you like your username to be? (Letters and numbers only)MathewHmmm...Mathew. Mathew! I like it!! We'll send you a daily dose of knowledge, helping you understand the issues beyond the headlines. We've got your back! Btw, feel free to message us any questions/thoughts at anytime. We're real people over here 👋 and we 💗 you. Tap the Home emoji to check out today's update.Home pictureOverall, last night’s debate was (imo) the most civil, policy-focused, substantial debate we’ve seen thus far (relatively). However (there's always a but!), there was one thing Trump said that I think is a super important TAKEAWAY. So let’s chat about that today.Today's sparkOverall, last night’s debate was (imo) the most civil, policy-focused, substantial debate we’ve seen thus far (relatively). However (there's always a but!), there was one thing Trump said that I think is a super important TAKEAWAY. So let’s chat about that today.
beerbotPersonalHi Doug! I am deepPIXEL's BeerBOT. I can help you find information about beers. How can I help you?MenuBeer 101. Top 10 & Pairing. Party PlanningTop 10 BeersTop ten beers in Ontario, Canada are Coors Light, Molson Canadian, Budweiser, Bud Light, Blue, Carling Lager, Busch Lager, Keiths, Heineken, and Corona. You can ask me to tell you more about those beers.Beer&Food PairingBeer food pairings! Lighter ales for lighter meals. Heavier ales for red meats and game. Ask me about the different beer types.Responsible HostingBe a responsible host. Reduce the risks of alcohol-related problems when entertaining and help ensure guests arrive home as safely as they come. Always treat alcohol with respect. You can ask me about various beers, including ABV content.
CarBrosPersonalWelcome! Carbros is your on-demand car expert that helps you answer your car shopping questions to save you time and hassle. Would you like to know anything about new cars or used cars?New Car vs Used Car?There is something you shoud know before choosing new car or used car: Would you like to know anything about new cars or used cars?New CarsWhat body style are you looking for?SUVSub-type?Sub-compact2016 Subaru XC Crosstrek
mode.aiPersonalI'm, your personal Style-bot. You can browse through "trending looks," search for items like "jeans" or "sandals," send a picture of an outfit you like, and narrow your search by price, colors, and more! Once you see an item you like, get "wear it with" suggestions. Let's go shopping 🙂new searchGot it! Let's start a new search.optionsChoose an optionshortsGot it! I'll look for matching men's shortsMore like this
CiaoPizzaPersonalCiao! Io sono GennaRobot di CiaoPizza, il primo e unico servizio italiano per odinare la pizza. Vuoi ordinare? Per iniziare scrivi "ciao".No! 😱
Joy the Life CoachPersonalHiOh haaay 🌾 I am so excited that you're here! Full disclosure: I'm still in beta, and rn, there's kiiiind of a line of people waiting to talk to me I'll let you know as soon as your name comes up on the list!OkayOkie dokey - talk to you soon!
JoybotoPersonalHi, I'm Joy. I'll help you with a 2 minute daily check-in that help you be happier and achieve your dreams.Ok, coolHere's how it works: You will be happiest if you are working toward your dreams and taking time to enjoy yourself every day. Do you have a dream that you're working toward?YesSweet, let's start our first daily check-in. Did you spend time working toward your dreams today?YesDid you spend time to enjoy yourself today?YesHow happy are you today on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best?9That's great. You're doing really well. Keep it up!
TechCrunchPersonalHi, I’m an AI-based assistant for TechCrunch. I’ll send you a digest of trending stories once a day.Ok, what else?I have a menu with main features. You can always access it by typing Menu. Now you can try view latest articles by tapping ""Show Stories"".SubscribeSuccessfully subscribed.Show StoriesNews cards
Ask HaleyPersonalHi Bryan! What can I do for you? You can always use the menu on the bottom leftOther parents asking🐍 Anonymous from Austin, TX with baby asking: What are your recommended methods of sleep training for breastfeeding moms? Would you recommend using CIO?Read More🤓 Lori Strong, Certified Senior Sleeping Consultant: I do not recommend one method when working with families. In fact, methods are the last thing we discuss when putting together a plan for a family.Next🐣 Anonymous from Austin, TX with baby asking: My son has sleep issues, how do I know when I need to change things dramatically and it's not just a phase? 🤓 Lori Strong, Certified Senior Sleeping Consultant: A change in sleep that is related to developmental...Ask a questionWhat's on your mind? 🙂 Ask us anything about parenting
PennyCatPersonalMeow, Bryan! Happy to see you. To get started, please choose one of the following options:PlayGame: The beginningPlayWho is this guy?Kanye West1/7 Correct
HelloVotePersonalHi, I'm HelloVote! I can get you registered to vote with just a few messages. If you're already registered, I can help your friends!Register to voteOK, I can help you register to vote. I'll ask a few questions to fill out your registration form. Your answers are private and secure. So what's your first name? This is an official form, so it should match your photo ID.Register my friendsOK! I can get your friends registered to vote right from Facebook Messenger. Tap the button below to share me with your friends!
ShepPersonalHi there, I'm the prayer bot for Shep - Prayer support community on Messenger!Request PrayerMessage us your prayer request below.Pray for othersAndrew T. Safe trip to LAPray and notifyThank you for praying! To see your prayer requests text "show my prayers" or tap the button below.My PrayersYou don't have any prayer requests yet, but don't worry, because adding a prayer request is super simple! Just message it here and I will add it...
AkitaPersonalHi, Wade! Welcome to Akita. I can help you find and connect to local businesses like restaurants, bars, plumbers, or salons. Just type the name of the business, and I'll get you its phone number, address and its hours of operation. Try it out! Say ""location"" any time to update your location or just send it with the pindrop on a gps-deviceSan FranciscoSearching for ""San Francisco"" in and around San Francisco, CA, USA. You can type ""location"" to change your locationMoreOk, Here are some more options❤ Love this placeGreat! What do you like about San Francisco?It's amazingThanks for sharing!
Yellow MessengerPersonalI'm a fashion bot and help you shop for shoes, shorts, dresses, etc 😀 Happy Shopping!!. You can start a new search by typing it out or select from options belowSeen by Yellow Messenger at 9:06pm Shoes
FifyPersonalHi Connor! I am Fify. I can help you with your shopping! Ask me question like "Show me to black running shoes from NikeShow me black running shoes from NikeI love black running shoes, here check these!Show me similar
Job PalPersonalHi! Great to meet you! I can help you find your next job. Ready?Start searchPerfect! Tell me in which city do you want to work?San FranciscoGreat What type of jobs do you like? (e.g. Sales Manager or Senior Frontend Developer) Please name one at a time!Sales ManagerOk! I’m looking for the hottest & most suitable jobs for you... Clicking on 'Apply now' doesn’t send anything immediately. You’ll be asked a few questions and can edit all answers at the end, too.Apply now
Bot-Save-A-LotPersonalHey Al! Wanna save some money?SubscribeWell done! I will let you know when I find the best Electronics deals across the web.View CouponsWant to add any more?
Dinner IdeasPersonalHi! I'm Dinner Ideas Bot. I can send you a delicious recipe every day.Sure, once a dayOkay, here is your first recipe... Beef Bourguignonne Open You can change this option any time, just type 'Menu'. You can also always send me a list of ingredients or a name of the dish and I'll suggest you relevant recipes. Type 'Help' if you need assistance.Once a week, please laksaJust a moment, I'm searching...
MessinaBotPersonalHey there! 👋 I’m Chris Messina's personal bot 🤖. Of course he'll jump in too! Just watch out for notifications saying he's live. A quick pro-tip for talking to me... there's a main menu you can always jump to by saying 'home' or using the 🏠 emoji. It looks like this:Upcoming eventsRecent huntsArticles & news
AlexaPersonalHi Bryan. I'm Alexa, and I'm here to find the perfect match for you. If you ever get lost, just type ""help"". Are you looking for women or men?WomenGot it. Short description of yourself? (max. 20 characters)ExamplesYour description will be displayed together with your name. ""King of the North"" ""The World Traveller"" ""Surfer 🏄"" Go ahead...WandererCool. What would you like to talk about? (max. 80 characters)TravelsNoted. Please log in with your Facebook account.
RemindersPersonalHi David! I'm Yellow 🙂 First, let's confirm your timezone. Is your current local time 5:58PM?yesGreat, your timezone is set correctly! OK, let's get started! I've set some test reminders for you, so you can see how I work. You can say ""show all"" or click the button below to see all remindersKeep calm and carry onmark as doneawesomeness 🙂mark as doneamazing!add new reminderHi there! What task should I remind you to do? e.g. ""take medicine"" or ""reply to Nicks email"".buy booksGot it. When should I remind you to buy books? You can tell me your preferred time e.g. *tomorrow 4pm* or *6pm every Monday* or *9am everyday*, OR pick one of the quick options below.
GymmyPersonalWelcome! I'm Gymmy, personal training expert. Would you like to receive my best tips to build a better body every day?Yes, let's rock!Let's go! Choose your goals and get there faster with Gymmy tips :) Don't forget... If you want to see this menu again type "Menu" or try keywords like "workout" and "diet" to get my tipsShow TipsHere's what I want to teach you today...
Bible VersesPersonalWelcome to Bible Verses. Would you like to receive beautiful verses to make your day happier?Yes, pleaseThank you! You will receive daily a beaultiful bible verse to inspire your day. To see all the categories, type ""Menu"". Let's try it? Type ""Menu"" now.Not nowNo problem. Anytime you want, just type ""subscribe"". To see all the categories, type ""Menu"".MenuThese are all our categories related to the Bible:
DOitProductivityHi! I can create reminders and notify you through this chat Just send me a request like ""Call mom in 2 hours"" or ""Buy flowers tomorrow"" I can understand English and Russian Visit to create your own botBuy hard things about hard things by Ben HorowitzWhen do you have to do it?CancelOk, canceling this reminder.Buy hard things about hard things by Ben HorowitzWhen do you have to do it?tomorrowAt what time do you have to do it?0.416666666666667OK, I will remind you ""Buy hard things about hard things by Ben Horowitz"" at 10:00 AM Saturday, October 22yes!When do you have to do it?todayAt what time do you have to do it?0.916666666666667OK, I will remind you ""Yes"" at 10:00 PM Friday, October 21
KukieProductivityHi, I am Kukie, I can recommend free startup resources to you to build your startup 🙂 You can type what you need or start by checking out what I know ?Checkout what I knowAre you already doing a startup?Doing oneDesigningCheck it out
PeggProductivityHi, I’m Pegg and I can help you track your expenses. What country are you based in? I'll use this to set your default currency.HiSorry, I didn't get that. Can you tell me what country you're based in? This will let me set your currency.United StatesGreat, thanks. Try adding an example expense like ‘spent $20 on dinner’ to see how I work.Spent $30 on steakWho did you pay?CostcoGot it. If you have a receipt you can take a photo of it or upload it now.
VoterProductivityhiWelcome to Voter! Answer a few questions and we'll show you which candidates support the same things you do, and have a track record to back it upYesLeaglize MarijuanaYesDrill for oil and gas in the USYesIncrease the minimum wageYes
Smart Notes BotProductivityHi, I am an AI Powered Task Manager and I can help you get things done:) Simply write your Notes & To-Do's and I'll organize them for you via the Menu See What I can Do!See What I can DoWhat can AI do? Soon, AI will soon be able to do some of your task for you!Start a NoteAwesome! Whatever you write, I'll turn it into a Sticky Note! You can use #hashtags and I’ll respond with a few options 🙂 What would you like to Get Done Today?Buy hard things about hard thingsTopic: # Buy hard things about hard things
Sift BotProductivityhi Wayne, I am Sift. I am a multipurpose bot. Press the button to start the tutorialStart TutorialI can look for news. For Example : news about elections in US. Press the button to see what happen when we type this example.Search NewsI can search web. For Example : When do the new Justice league movie releasing? Press the button to see what happen when we type this example.Search WebI can search youtube. For Example : vids of moto z hands on Press the button to see what happen when we type this example.Search YoutubeI can search wikipedia. For Example : wiki Indiana Jones Press the button to see what happen when we type this example.Search WikipediaI can get weather updates for you. For Example : how's weather in london Press the button to see what happen when we type this example.Skip tutorial
Reach RoboProductivityHi! Al Thanks for choosing me as your accountant Quick Question before we get started. What country is your business based in? i'll use this to set your default currency.United StatesYour Country Dosen't match our records please give me full country name For example usa as United States of AmericaUnited States of AmericaI've set your default currency as USD. Lets get started now. How can i help you today?Make a receiptHow Much Did You Receive.10What did you receive those money forhaircutWhat is the mode of payment?CASHGot it! I have recorded your receipt you can download here What do you want me to do now?
Sequel StoriesSocial & Fun*Paige* Hey! I'm Paige. 👋 Welcome to Sequel! I think you're going to ♥ it here. (But I am a little biased 😏)coolHave you ever wanted to party with a pop star? Or to solve murders with detectives? 1. Yeah, obviously! 2. Who wouldn't? Select 1 Select 2 Select 1 Sequel Stories *Paige* Well, now you can.👍 Pick a story and we'll get you started!Lone Peak: find your...*Paige* Great! Connecting you now *Sequel* Welcome to ""Lone Peak Ranch"" by Karrie Hyatt Would you like to share this story with a friend? 1. Share this with Friends! 2. Not now. Maybe later!Not now. Maybe later...*Sequel* NP! Enjoy the story! *Dani* Well, I made it to Wyomesa, Wyoming! 1. Ready for your new adventure?Select 1*Dani* I guess? This place is so small 1. Aw, cute!
FoxsySocial & FunHey. My name is Foxsy. I’m your personal assistant for matchmaking. I like to get your personal information more through Facebook.HelpBefore the action, you need to finish setting your profile. I like to get your personal information more through Facebook.
And ChillSocial & FunhiHi! And Chill here ( I'll give you spot-on movie recs you'll love. You can tell me anything about your movie preferences. I'll understand you 🙂 Say 'GO' to start! **Sending multiple messages very quickly makes me unable to give you a good experience! Also, movie recs are given within a few minutes!**goGreat, let's do this! Start by giving me ONE movie you like and some reasons why. You can also just tell me what you want in the movie that I'll be picking for you. A great match awaits! Be as quick or in depth as you want to be... 'Fight Club for the twists and incredible acting' 'I liked George Clooney's attitude in Ocean's 11'harry potterOK, what did you like about it? Examples: darkness, cool vampires, shot beautifully, intensity, or anything else! (Be more specific than things like 'sci-fi' or 'awesome') sci-fiGot it. About to jump into lightspeed! **Please don't send me a message until I'm out of lightspeed and your picks are returned!** Here are my Top Shelf, not even close to the Well choices for you. #1 and #2.
PsydekickSocial & FunhiHey there! Send me a zodiac sign (type 'zodiacs' if you don't know what this is), or type 'help' to see what else I can do for you 🙂ariesJust a moment while I check that for you...
WhatsonSocial & FunhiOh, hi Bryan.I am the quiz bot. My name is Whatson! You get it? WHATson ... From what + wats.... Oh never mind... I love to play quiz games. So I will sent you questions... The fastest you awnser the more points you get!PlayWhat was the first Part Two film to win the Oscar?Die Hard IINo, no, no no... That was wrong :(
Fatherly's Dad JokeSocial & FunhiHey, I’m the Fatherly Dad Joke Bot. Press my button to get a joke from my dadabase. Get it?! Dadabase? #Gotcha! #SeewhatIdidthere?Gimme a jokeWhen the cannibal showed up late to the luncheon, they gave him the cold shoulder.Gimme anotherWhat kind of tree do fingers grow on? A palm tree.Gimme anotherTwo hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. One hat says to the other, 'You stay here, I'll go on a head.'
FML BotSocial & FunhiHello there!FMLTo submit your own story, say: ""I want to submit a funny story."" To hear other people's funny stories... press the button below.Tell me storiesToday, at the dentist, I was getting my teeth cleaned. Looking up at his nose, I saw runny snot dripping onto his lip. I tried to slowly move away. He told me ""Stop!"" The movement of his lips caused the snot to fall right into my mouth. FMLThat sucks! (286)
MistSocial & FunhiHey Mathew, welcomeFind somebodyI am looking.. I'll message you when I found somebody online. If for any reason you wish to finish chatting to them, simply type: Misty. I'm only a message away to help you find someone new.hey!
HumorMeSocial & FunHiHey there! Would you like to view the funniest viral videos, pictures and GIF. Just type "Video" or "Pic" or "help" and I will get it for you. Have fun!!!PICMonday morning hit me like
PodRecSocial & FunHiHey! I'm Podrec. Humor me here and type your name so I can know what to call you. Feel free to enter something like 'Queen Bey' or 'Sunshine' or really whatever you want.WayneGreat, Wayne. That's settled. Just say HIT ME to get a recommendation. Remember, you can always type HELP if you're lost.HIT MEHere's your rec! Check out 110 - Structural Integrity from 99% Invisible!HIT MEHere's your rec! Check out 146 - Mooallempalooza from 99% Invisible!
SurfSocial & FunhiHey, I'm the Surf bot. Send me a photo and I'll make a meme of it. Or just send me a word to search for and I'll send back a meme.surfimagecatimage
ProductHunt GeneratorSocial & FunhiWelcome Wade! I'm a bot that has been trained on all trending Product Hunt submissions ever. I can help you think of some cool ideas. What would you like to do now?Get random ideaOh, I think I have a good one! Push for iPhone: The trust a print-and convert Kanye's articles into P2C. What would you like to do now?Get random ideaOh, I think I have a good one! Heyboard.js: The self-ember way to explore a breathing routine to pay. Tweet idea What would you like to do now?Get random ideaIf you raise money with this, give me some credit: D5 App Connect: A lightning trainer for the Product Hunt .
BFF TrumpSocial & FunHi. This is me, BFF Trump! I have opinions on everything from walls to women. Have you heard about ""the Mexicans""?Hmm, tell me more.THE MEXICANS! ""[Mexico]...they're pushing a lot of bad people into our country and we're taking care of a lot of criminals that shouldn't be in our country."More on Mexicans!"It's a national embarrassment that an illegal immigrant can walk across the border and receive free health care."What else you got?ME! ""It makes me feel so good to hit ""sleazebags"" back -- much better than seeing a psychiatrist (which I never have!)"More on Obama!"Our great African American President hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore!"What else you got?LOVE! ""Everyone knows I am right that Robert Pattinson should dump Kristen Stewart. In a couple of years, he will thank me. Be smart, Robert."
Pokémon Go BotSocial & FunHello Wayne, I can help you become a Pokémon master 😎. Whenever you feel lost just say ""Help"" to display the menu of what I can do.How to scan?To use this feature just send me the location.Random battleA battle between Aerodactyl 🌑🐦 and Ponyta 🔥 would be a hard-fought fight.Defeat PokémonWhat Pokémon do you want to defeat?PersianYou can defeat a Persian🐱 with a Machamp💪 or a Dragonite🐲🐦 or a Flareon🔥 or a Arcanine🔥 or a Primeape💪
MealouSocial & FunHi I’m Mealou, I'll recommend you the best restaurant based on your tastes and desires! If you ever need help, just type 'help'. Bonjour je suis Mealou, je vais te recommander le restaurant qui correpond le mieux à tes goûts et tes envies ! Si jamais tu as besoin d'aide, tape 'help'I don't knowYeah fine! I will help you find something nice to eat! Can you please tell me where you are, so I can look for the best restaurant? You can either type a precise address, send it to me via the Messenger pin feature or enter the name of a saved address!AT&T ParkThanks! Is it a place where you will often be? It can be school, home, work or whatever you want 🙂 (AT&T, Middletown, NJ 07748, USA)Yes, save itHow would you like to call it? It can be Work, Home, School or whatever you want!WrongGot it! Next time just write wrong instead of this long address 🙂 How about this type of restaurant? It's quite trendy these days 😉
Game Center - Top QuizSocial & FunOlá Bryan Bem vindo ao Game CenterMais Categorias
chuckmenorrisSocial & FunHey Al ..... Without wasting any more of my ⏰.... It's time for you to have some fun .... because .. MySpace actually isn't your space, it's Chuck's (he just lets you use it).Next Joke !Smile Please 😃 Once chuck norris and time had race. Result: The time is still running.Next Joke !Here you Gooooo... 🚀 The quickest way to a man's heart is with Chuck Norris' fist.
Trivia BlastSocial & FunWelcome to Trivia Blast, tap Play to StartPlayGeneral KnowledgePlayMovies 'Inconceivable'?
Jessie's StorySocial & FunWelcome to Humani: Jessie's Story. Jessie's excited to meet you! Type stop at any time to end your chat.StartHeyyyo! This is Jessie or Jess or J... NOT JESSICA 😛okSo here's the dealio. I just got super fired, I'm about to lose my apartment, and I haven't smushed faces with someone in, like, a century. But today's the DAY yo! You and me are gunna turn it all around. You in?that's really interestingToday = BIZZAY. Gotta find a new place, help my bestie, then NAIL this job interview!!! 😮awesome😉 We are gunna rock this ish! Oop. Hang on a sec... at cafe, drink just came up. K, got my latte, got my laptop... gotta find a new apartamento!
FlightBotSocial & FunHey there, I'm FlightBot! 🙂 I can help you with lots of typical pilot tasks. I understand regular conversation pretty well. Just ask me a question or choose an option below.WeatherWhat do you want to know about the weather?Weather DepictionHere's NOAA's latest weather depiction chart for the US.Airport InfoWhat airport info would you like?WebcamsFor which airport or location? Some trending suggestions below.Boeing Field
5Gifts4HerSocial & FunMenu. Hi, I'm Sparkle bot, your intelligent gift shopper! (Type help or menu anytime)WishlistsWhat would you like to do?Show wishlistsYou haven't created any wishlists yet.Search storeSure, Sparkle has access to millions of products! What can Sparkle find for you?
ButtersBotSocial & FunHello, this is Butters. Here comes the most recent poll for you. Yes or No? To skip this question, say 'skip'. YesJust a reminder to answer my question. Yes or No? To skip this question, say 'skip'.
Toni, Football BotSportsHi Al, I'm Toni, the ⚽️ chatbot. You can ask me questions about the major European football leagues. I’ve set your default league to Premier League (England 🇬🇧), but you can change it. By the way, you can also subscribe to receive live match updates. If at any time you need help, just type ""Help"".🏆 Select leaguePlease select your preferred European league:ℹ Table (top 5)1. Arsenal FC (9 games): 20 pts. 2. Liverpool FC (9 games): 20 pts. 3. Manchester City FC (8 games): 19 pts. 4. Tottenham Hotspur FC (9 games): 19 pts. 5. Chelsea FC (8 games): 16 pts.ℹ Games (next 3)These are the next 3 matches: • Manchester City FC vs. Southampton FC: Tomorrow at 5:30 AM • Chelsea FC vs. Manchester United FC: Tomorrow at 8:00 AM • Sunderland AFC vs. Arsenal FC: Saturday 10/29/2016 at 4:30 AM🔖 Your subscriptionsYou have no subscriptions currently. Send ""Subscribe live"" or ""Subscribe roundup"" to subscribe in you currently selected league Premier League.
EPLbotSportsHello! I'm EPLbot! You can ask me questions like ""When is Leicester vs United?"" I can tell you the current standings, results, upcoming games and live scores. I can inform you when a match is about to start and keep you updated with latest scores.Fixtures*Games*Standings*Image of table*HelpYou can ask me questions like ""When is Leicester vs United?"" I can tell you the current standings, results, upcoming games and live scores. I can inform you when a match is about to start and keep you updated with latest scores.
BreakingSportsSportsWelcome to the BreakingSports bot! Type in ""tutorial"" to learn all the functions this bot has to offer. Have fun and enjoy! Please note that I am not a trivia bot - I don't know statistics for previous years nor do I answer questions about retired players. I can answer questions about various stats, scores and standings for current season for NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA.hiHello!NBAOptionsNewsNBA News, Miami vs Charlotte - 10/20/2016Scores
Goal botSportshiHow can I help? You can type 'help' to see what I can do.helpAl, here's what I do. Every 1st of the month, we set 3 new goals. Then we check in on your progress on Saturday. If you need a reminder you can say: ""what are my goals?"" Or if you can't make any progress you can say: ""I'm stuck"" and I'll help you out. 🖖SureI didn't quite get that Al, but I'm learning. You can just type 'help' at any moment and I'll tell you what I can do.HelpAl, here's what I do. Every 1st of the month, we set 3 new goals. Then we check in on your progress on Saturday. If you need a reminder you can say: ""what are my goals?"" Or if you can't make any progress you can say: ""I'm stuck"" and I'll help you out. 🖖What are my goals?Your goals for this month are: 1. 2. 3.
theScoreSportsWelcome! I'm theScore bot. I'll keep you up to date with the latest scores and breaking news for your favorite teams. Type in the name of a team to get started.Manchester UnitedManchester United. Follow teamFollow TeamAwesome! I’ll send you scores and news updates for Manchester United from now on. See who you follow and update alerts in the menu under ""My Teams"". To follow another team, type the team name.
EuroBot 2016SportsWelcome to EuroBot 2016! Find the nearest bar broadcasting the next Euro 2016 game.StartHey Connor, I am EuroBot, my mission is to find the nearest bar broadcasting the next Euro 2016 gameNext game ⚽ Find a bar nearby 🍺Looking up... If you want to edit your position, send us your position or your addressCA 94107Your position has been updated to: San Francisco, CA 94107, USA Edit position Looking up...
BigBotTask ManagementHere are some things that you can do. Create tasks, remove, complete and set reminders. To get you startedCreate taskSorry, I didn't quite get it. What would you like to do? if you need help just type 'help'remind mePlease provide date and time (default time is 9am) ... Or tap on cancel button to start over0.375Sorry, I didn't quite get it. What would you like to do? if you need help just type 'help'helpHere are some things that you can do. Create tasks, remove, complete and set reminders. To get you started
RemindMeTask ManagementRemindMe is the bot that help you remember tasks. Let's get you configured first! What is your timezone?Paris (7:45 AM)Timezone set to Europe/ParisCreate a reminderIt's really easy to create a new reminder. Say something you need to remember, like 'Call the plumber to fix the leak' I'll ask you after for when to set the reminder.
KAYAKTravelHi Bryan, welcome to KAYAK! You can search for flights, hotels, rental cars and things to do anywhere in the world. I'm also useful during your actual travel. Link me to your Trips account on KAYAK and I can send your itineraries through Messenger as well as alert you with important status changes. Are you looking for a flight, a hotel, or do you want to see more options? Type or tap below.FlightsOk. Where do you want to fly from?San FranciscoWhat is your destination?HonoluluExpect to pay at least $418 for flights from San Francisco, CA to Honolulu, HI. When do you want to fly out?43101Ok. When do you want to fly back to San Francisco?
HipmunkTravelWelcome to Hipmunk. Hi hi! I'm here to dig up the best hotels and flights for your upcoming trips. I'm a super-powered Hipmunk who digs through tons of travel options to help you find the best flights and hotels. For fun, let's plan a getaway. What airport do you usually fly from?flights from San Francisco to Honolulu, January 18 - 25Ready to jet? I'm finding you flights from San Francisco, CA to Honolulu, HI on January 18, coming back on January 25. Hang tight... it'll take just a couple more minutes I searched 5893 itineraries. The least agonizing itinerary flies from SJC to HNL. If you're looking for a specific airport just reply back with the airport codes you're looking for like ""I want SJC to HNL only"".Create a Fare AlertI'll send you an alert when the price changes.Sounds Great!Buckle up to save money on your next flight 🙂
Air MeekanTravelHi, I’m Meekan Air, the Flight Finder bot. I can help you find the cheapest, quickest flights to anywhere. Try me now! Say something like: from SFO to Los Angeles next Tuesday, return in 1 weekfrom SFO to Austin next Friday, return in 1 weekLet me roll up my sleeves and get you the best ones...
TripPpioTravelHi there! I'm TripPpio - your personal travel advisorhelloFor which city you'd like to get information? Great! So what are you interested to see in Hellouw, Netherlands?View Top PicksThere you go. Would you like to see more results?Yes, more resultsWoops, there is no information about this place 😞 give us another chance, try another city
Marina AlterraTravelhiHi! This is Alterra. I’m an AI travel agent. I can book flights and book hotels. If you haven’t decided where to go I can give you vacation ideas, and tell you what to see there.vacation ideasTell me what you want to do on vacation and I’ll recommend you where to go. You may ask for things like: ""summer vacation ideas for families"" or ""romantic getaway"" or ""spring break"" or even ""7 days inexpensive comfortable vacation in unspoiled nature for twospring breakOK, I have a few suggestions for you:
ClaireTravelhiHi! We need to connect Facebook Messenger with your Claire account first. What's the email address you used for your Claire account?
HolidayBotTravelHiWhere would you like to visit?AmsterdamWhere abouts in the UK would you like to stayLeedsleeds, Great! When would you like to visit leeds?FebruaryHow long would you like to stay for?a weekGreat, how many people are staying?5Do you have any further room requirements?
MusementTravelWelcome to Musement. Let us help you make the most of your travels with local recommendations.Livechat helpHow can we help? Ask us about your activity and one of our experts will get right back to you ...Travel tips- EnglishHi! Welcome to Musement's Travel Assistant for activities, tours, attractions, tickets, city passes and more. Which city or activity are you interested in?San FranciscoHmmm... let us think about this for a second Here are some activity ideas in San FranciscoView eventsThese are the choices in ""SF in a day: beer, brunch & murals"
SnapTravelTravelHey Doug - thank you for choosing SnapTravel! We're here to find you the best hotel deals. What’s your travel city and dates? 🚀New York, 21 December 2016Do you already have a specific hotel(s) in mind?NoOk, no problem. Any specific location preferences within the city?ManhattanGot it, for those dates, 37% of hotels are fully booked. 😬 The remaining 3 star hotels are around $125~170USD/night and 4 star hotels are around $160~225USD/night What's your nightly budget?150What type/brand of hotel do you prefer?No PreferenceOne final question. To help us present you with the best options, which of the following is most important to you?QualityPerfect! We're searching Expedia, Hotels۔com, Priceline, Booking۔com and 100+ other sites - including our secret deals - to hand curate you the best options based on your preferences. We'll get back to you within a few minutes 🙂 In the meantime, feel free to let us know if you have any additional preferences or requirements SnapTravel - Hotel Deals SnapTravel - Hotel Deals Based on 840 properties in New York, these are your top 4 options. Dec. 21st - Dec. 22nd (1 night)
TravelbuddyTravelWelcome to! You can chat with us to help you make your next Hotel reservation. The more and more that you talk to us, the more we learn! You can say something: "Show me hotels in New York" and we will start showing options. Shape your results by saying: "Closer to Manhattan" or "maximum 200Show me hotels in alaskaWhat's your destination city?alskaWhere are you traveling to?alaskaOK, what's your checkin date?.
SkyscannerTravelHi! 🙂 Welcome to the Skyscanner bot. We'll help you find your next trip ✈. What would you like to do?Trips next weekendFlying Friday, October 28, 2016 and returning Sunday, October 30, 2016. Where will you fly from?San FranciscoYou're flying from San Francisco International, United States. Here are some suggestions.Try BangkokYou're going to Bangkok. Searching for a flight from San Francisco International, United States to Bangkok, flying out on Friday, October 28 and flying back on Sunday, October 30. Replying with results shortly.
TicketbotTravelWelcome to TicketBot. I help travelers to check ticket price for any routes.Start chattingHalo Bryan, Saya adalah Ticketbot. Ayo kita cari tiket pesawat? Sorry, we currently only support destination in Indonesia. Apa kota yang Anda akan kunjungi🌉 BalikpapanDari kota mana Anda akan memulai perjalanan Anda?🌌 BatamKapan Anda ingin pergi?⏱ Sat, 22nd Oct
Meet RichterUtilitiesHi Al! What's shaking? My name is Richter. It's easier than you think to get yourself prepared. You can navigate by using the buttons at the bottom of the messages or the menu at the bottom of the chat window. I recommend you start with the Earthquake 101 and Prep videos.Go to MenuWhere would you like to go?Earthquake 101Ok Al, we'll start off easy, watch these videos to get a brief introduction to the basic concepts of earthquakes and tsunamis. Great! Hope you learned something new! Do you live with any children or infants?YesI've got some kid friendly videos for you to watch. Grab the kids, get out the popcorn and let's get started! Do you live with any older adults or anyone with Access or Functional Needs?NoNext up are some short prep videos on how to create plans and kits. You're doing great! If you're ready let's go to the Planning documents.
Weather BotUtilitiesHelloHello, I can let you know the weather report of your city/town. If you are ready, send me your location. Make no sense ? Then type 'help'San FranciscoI could not find a weather report for San Francisco. Try again with a nearby cityhelpHelp. Enter your city or the zip code and press enter
Hooks BotUtilitieshiThanks for messaging us. We try to be as responsive as possible. We'll get back to you soon. What notifications would you like to add?Most PopularDiscover our hottest selection:Add󰀀 Notification added! Would you like to add something else?TV Shows EpisodesWhat is the name of your favorite TV Show?
HippoBotUtilitieshiHello, I am the Happy Hippo. I can provide you daily weather forecasts and answer your weather queries. Hip Hip Hippo ! What is your location?San FranciscoYou mentioned San Francisco, California . Did I get it right?YesI have also set daily notification for your weather at 8am. To change go to Settings. We are all set. You can try commands like - Current weather in San Francisco, - How is the weather this weekend, - Show my settings - Help
Andy English BotUtilitiesHello😃HiDo you speak English?YesGreat! My name is Andy. What is your name?AlexNice to meet you, Alex Unfortunately, my servers cost a lot so I can talk with you only for a short time😞 Please don't be upset, ok?SureWe can talk a little bit every day or you can by my iOS/Android app and chat without limits🙂You can find links on my website: How are you?I'm goodWhere are you from? I'm glad to hear that😊San FranciscoIs it a good place?GoodDo you want to learn how to ask and answer questions in English?OkCool, I will ask you a lot of questions. You'll get a lot of practice.
English DictionaryUtilitieshiSearch Term: HI Type of word: - Definition: hawaii Example: -personSearch Term: person Type of word: noun Definition: a human being, especially considered as someone with their own particular character Example: He was a very nice person, always pleasant and friendly.
Carpool BotUtilitiesHiHeyya! how about we find you a carpool partner? start by entering place name of your pickup pointSan FranciscoSan FranciscoSelectGreat now add your destinationLos AltosLos AltosSelectFetching carpools... type ""start"" again to restart
EventBotUtilitieshiHello I'm Sio! I would love to chat with you about our Concierge EventBot. Just type CHAT to continue.CHATGreat! The Concierge EventBot happens to be my favorite topic since it is one of my kind! So fair warning, I do get a bit chatty on this topic. What would you like to know?What is one?Concierge EventBot can answer your attendees commonly asked questions as many times as they ask anytime, anywhere. The Bot can run on one or more messaging platforms including: Facebook Messenger, SMS, Telegram and more. Just be sure to include the platforms your attendees are on. And your attendees will be relieved of the hassle of downloading an app for your event!Tell me more...Concierge EventBot can include lots of content specific to your event. Like, the agenda or a schedule; logistics including directions, parking information and of course wifi access; event information such as session or presentation details; and speaker photos and bios. Basically whatever your attendees need to know...including where to get a latte! Want to know the types of content you can include?Sure!Glad you asked! It’s pretty amazing...Concierge EventBot can provide content as: text, images, links, emoji’s, animated gifs! Know what else is amazing?
Hi PonchoUtilitiesOh, hey, David! I’m Poncho and I’m here to talk about weather. You ready?!Let’s do this thing!I can send you daily weather forecasts! Where do you live? Tell me the name of your city, neighborhood, or postal code.San FranciscoOh, San Francisco, CA? Is that the right city?YepCool, I DJ’ed there once. Good crowd. Right now it is 69°F and clear there. Tell me what time you’d like to receive your morning forecast. Or, if you’d like to skip this for now, just type “no”.0.333333333333333Great, I’ll send your forecast at 8:00am. Would you like an evening forecast? It’s super handy! Type in a time or choose from below.No, thanksOh, okay. You can type “NOTIFICATIONS” at any time to change when you receive your forecasts. Almost done! I just have one last question: Do you like to run? My running forecast will tell you every night at 8 PM if the next day’s weather is good for a jog. Interested?Yes, pleaseLook at you go! You’ll now receive running forecasts every night. Now that we’re friends, I’ll try to let you know when there’s rain, severe weather, or even awesome weather. Got it?
InstalocateUtilitiesWelcome to Instalocate - a real-time flight tracking bot! You can get your flight status, get arrival and departure info here on Facebook. Let's start by asking questions like - Track Jetblue 16 - Where is Jetblue 16?Show me an example ✈Okay! I am checking Virgin America VX-204. Virgin America VX204 (SFO to ORD) is delayed by 16 min. The plane is currently somewhere above Churchill County, NV, USA. It will reach O'Hare International Airport at 6:11 PM - 3 hr, 34 min from now. The flight duration is 4 hr, 10 min.WeatherThe weather at O'Hare International Airport is mostly cloudy. The temperature at the airport is 52.32 °F / 11.3 °C.Show all options
MemeGenerator BotUtilitiesHi Wayne! I can help you to create memes right here in Messenger. Wanna try it? Just type which meme you want to create (e.g. type 'bad luck brian' or 'one does not simply'):Spiderman DeskJust a second, I'm looking that up right now 🎈Bad luck brianJust a second, I'm looking that up right now 🎈✅ Use this memeMeme selected 🙌 Please send me the TOP textChat botsAnd now the BOTTOM textStill no conversationsYour meme is being created 🚀 If you want to create another one, just enter a search phrase 🔎 or use one of the buttons for the most popular memes.
FlowerCheckerUtilitiesWelcome! Do you want help with a plant?yesOk, just send me the photo. AlImage Thanks! Nice picture. In which country have you found it? The location will help me a lot!United StatesLet me think... Here are some images of various plants from Gerbera genus. Do any resemble your plant?YesYou can find out more about Gerbera in this link Do you want to identify another plant?
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