Product Manager

To develop, sell and support a successful AI software product a business needs to solve a market problem, understand its market, identify the opportunity as well as develop and market an appropriate piece of software.

As a product manager, you are part of the core business function, and will have the opportunity to help chart our product roadmap and AI strategy. To succeed in this role, you must have a strong understanding of AI software applications and the healthcare domain.

You might be The One if you

  • Love bringing people along for the ride.
    Your designers, engineers love you. Your users and buyers trust you’re listening to them. You understand that sales, customer success, and account managers have incredible insights into our customers, and pretty awesome ideas too.
  • Think critically and are intellectually honest.
    You have input from everyone. You still have your opinion on the product, and you’re able to back it up with evidence and sound thinking. Still, you welcome your colleagues to challenge your ideas and you’re prepared to shift.
  • Are a systems thinker.
    You care about solving customer problems. You also care about building a scalable solution. When a customer ask for feature, you dig in and understand why. You’re able to abstract the problem and turn it into a solution fit for many. 
  • Are pragmatic and adaptable.
    You recognize that we work with enterprises and large businesses, and things don’t always happen on the timeline we want. That balance in making our customers happy today whilst building for the future, is the hallmark of a great B2B product team. 

You might like this role because

  • You relish the challenge of being the first Product Manager in a startup.
    You recognize that things can be messy. You’re also excited at the opportunity and autonomy to grow the product, the company, the practice, and yourself.  
  • You want to be more than just a backlog manager.
    You know that feature factories don’t build good products. We count on you to bring the insights that help the company make sound decisions.  
  • You want to have strategic impact.
    Work directly with our CEO and CTO. Get support from our product coach and advisor, a founder and product leader of 15 years.  
  • You excited about working with real
    Innovation in AI is happening at lightspeed and some can bring about quantum leaps in product improvements. Our CTO has his nose in the latest developments and is always on the lookout for what can help us build better bots.  

Skills & Experience required

  • At least 4 years’ working experience and 2 years working experience as a product manager on B2B or enterprise.
  • Bring people along and collaborates with cross-functional teams (such as engineering, marketing, sales, quality assurance/testing, customer success) in order to build a product that fulfils a product vision and to turn it into business success.
  • Experience defining and developing a new software product or service.
  • High interest with Artificial Intelligence, you will work closely with CTO to understand how technology evolution can drive huge improvements in product. 
  • Good critical and strategic thinking skills and highly intellectual.
  • Pragmatic, willing to deal with complexity, deal with custom requests.
  • Systems thinker, able to translate insights to tangible product. 
  • Presentable and comfortable with front end client interactions.
  • Experience working in fast-paced, dynamic environments (such as a startup) is a bonus.

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