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Facebook Messenger Blog

The Facebook Messenger team features KeyReply for our expert work with the Tech in Asia bot.


TechCrunch covers KeyReply for our participation in the #1 U.S. accelerator as ranked by the MIT rankings 2015 & 2016.

Customer spotlight: LeagueApps

A fast-growing sports league management platform based in New York, LeagueApps wanted to find out how to best analyze and improve their support processes.

Working closely with the team, KeyReply's conversational AI engine trawled through their support tickets and a LeagueApps Help Bot now helps to automate common queries.

Product feature: Digest.AI

With our proprietary conversational summarization engine, the KeyReply team has helped more than 300 enterprises summarize their daily internal conversations in Slack.

The Digest.AI summarization engine understands and picks out the most important points in a conversation and surfaces that daily to decision makers and team members for greater transparency.

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