Scale your customer engagement without scaling

Your own highly effective bot for 24/7 engagement & deflection

Sell, support & engage customers 24/7.

Your KeyReply bot fulfills your customers' queries & requests for you.

Answer questions in real time, anytime.

KeyReply bots use the power of cutting edge technology to automate conversations between your business and your customers in real time, 24/7.

KeyReply's artificial intelligence technology allows conversations to sound natural and tailored to each of your customers, resulting in measurable improvement in customer satisfaction.

all the time
vs 40%juggling

Increase profitability by lowering support costs.

By letting your KeyReply bot deal with support, you can save time, effort and cost related to customer support, focusing on sales and other value-adding activities you could do instead.

KeyReply also integrates with your business, billing and scheduling systems, so it can perform approved actions for your customers automatically too.

On every channel your customers love & use.

KeyReply is ready to serve across multiple channels your customers are on, including web, mobile, chat, social, and your business' apps.

This omnichannel support allows customers to seamlessly continue the conversation and ensures consistency in your communications with them, regardless of the touchpoint.

Engagement for the messaging era

With the rise of conversational commerce, more customers expect to chat, transact and interact with your business on messaging apps.

Sales & support together

Increasingly, people want to talk to you directly for every need. It's more convenient than calling, with higher CSAT.

Contextual & detailed

Send predictive and personalized messages that grow your relationships with your customers. Keep the conversation going.

Nothing to download

Your customers shouldn't have to jump through hoops to talk to you. Your KeyReply bot is a hidden layer that takes care of everything.

Effortless support

KeyReply replies to your customers automatically and accurately, providing relevant information and guiding customer decisions.

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KeyReply is on 24/7 to instantly respond to customers.


KeyReply understands the customers' wants based on their history and current requests.


KeyReply replies in your brand voice, to meet your business image and KPIs.

Unprecendented efficiency

Currently, providing 24/7 support means (expensive) humans who are time-consuming to train and retain.

KeyReply provides unlimited scalability for significantly lower costs, while taking care of your business at peak seasons and unexpected demand periods.

One setup, everywhere

Once you've set up your knowledgebase, it will be deployed as a native bot on various channels such as Messenger and Telegram. This means you're covered everywhere your customers are trying to talk to you.

KeyReply is the solution that ensures you have coverage in all the important channels natively, intelligently and reliably.

Plug in to your business

Sync up your support seamlessly with important information and processes such as customer account information, inventory management, and business process software - everything your customer expects.

KeyReply can interpret this information for your customers while understanding key business intelligence related to them, so each customer gets the right support and incentives to stay.

A consistently reliable bot

Unlike human agents who may have days they don't feel well or answer well, your KeyReply bot is consistently knowledgeable and pleasant.

Whenever it learns something new about how to answer a question or deal with a workflow, it will instantly remember it for next time.

Looking for more engagement solutions?

With KeyReply's suite of products, go from "no idea" to "no problem" with your customers.

Chat by KeyReply widget helps businesses and customers reach each other faster

Chat by KeyReply

Every chat & social channel is a way to connect with customers. Let them reach you quickly, like a speed dial on your website. Set it up easily, under 5 minutes.

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KeyReply app ecosystem is made for small and medium businesses to engage customers faster and better

KeyReply apps

Improve customer satisfaction with lightning-fast, preset replies. Across mobile, web & desktop, your team can give consistent responses that count.

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KeyReply IQ is an artificial intelligence powered product to help take away all the hassle of supporting customers

KeyReply IQ

Grow your business while you sleep. Bots take care of your support needs 24/7, so you can focus on other parts of your business while saving cost.

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