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We build bots for your business that drive results

Automatically understand and resolve customer issues.

KeyReply identifies key insights from your customer conversations and automates your customer engagement and support using your own Facebook Messenger, web or app bot. Here's how.

Real data powering real results.

KeyReply's artificial intelligence engine will parse your unstructured conversations from past customer interactions like emails and support systems.

It will identify the key issues, themes, and problems your customers face, and use them to scope the bot's functions and replies.

vs 40%gut

Robust and flexible bot solutions.

KeyReply has its own proprietary bot building, dialog writing and text analytics systems to suit your business goals.

It integrates seamlessly with your business and operational systems, so it can solve problems for you across functions.

Deploy on a channel your customers love & use.

KeyReply deploys your bot on a private cloud infrastructure, with your own hosting, servers, databases, tables and networking gears.

You can then send your trained bot to respond to customers on Facebook, Slack, web, in-app or SMS, wherever your customers are.

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We bring together the best practices around the world to conceptualize and build your bot.
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Effortless deployment

KeyReply works closely with you to determine goals, KPIs and outcomes to deliver best-in-class bots for your customers.

Customer success stories

Facebook Messenger Blog

The Facebook Messenger team features KeyReply for our expert work with the Tech in Asia bot.


TechCrunch covers KeyReply for our participation in the #1 U.S. accelerator as ranked by the MIT rankings 2015 & 2016.

Customer spotlight: LeagueApps

A fast-growing sports league management platform based in New York, LeagueApps wanted to find out how to best analyze and improve their support processes.

Working closely with the team, KeyReply's conversational AI engine trawled through their support tickets and a LeagueApps Help Bot now helps to automate common queries.

Product feature: Digest.AI

With our proprietary conversational summarization engine, the KeyReply team has helped more than 300 enterprises summarize their daily internal conversations in Slack.

The Digest.AI summarization engine understands and picks out the most important points in a conversation and surfaces that daily to decision makers and team members for greater transparency.

Unprecendented acumen

By utilizing 100% of your data, you can gain remarkable insights that you've never noticed.

KeyReply analyzes internal and external sources automatically, so it happens without any additional effort from you.

Your very own knowledge graph

With the understanding of your business, KeyReply constructs your organization's knowledge graph based on natural language models and signals.

It then feeds this understanding to automatically surface reports and recommendations as they happen.

Highly secure data safeguards

KeyReply guarantees 256-bit encryption and DDoS protection, and is compliant with standards such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as country-specific standards like Australia IRAP, UK G-Cloud, and Singapore MTCS.

You can have peace of mind that your data is securely safeguarded by our robust security infrastructure and policies.

Self-learning analytics

KeyReply securely collects, stores and analyzes anonymized data using powerful log-management and cognitive tools.

You can have the confidence in knowing that KeyReply is turning your internal efforts and conversations into real-time intelligence to help you make better business decisions.

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Slack Digest.AI is an artificial intelligence powered daily summary of the conversations in your Slack channels

Digest by KeyReply

Get a daily digest of the most important conversations in your Slack channels. Never miss something because you're not on Slack all day, again.

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Chat by KeyReply widget helps businesses and customers reach each other faster

Chat by KeyReply

Every chat & social channel is a way to connect with customers. Let them reach you quickly, like a speed dial on your website. Set it up easily, under 5 minutes.

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KeyReply app ecosystem is made for small and medium businesses to engage customers faster and better

KeyReply keyboard

Improve customer satisfaction with lightning-fast, preset replies. Across mobile, web & desktop, your team can give consistent responses that count.

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