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Human Resource

The core of every organisation is its human resources – the Human Resource function can lead the human-digital integration conversation by using AI to automate lower dexterity tasks to free up more human capital to engage in more strategic activities to forward the organisation. At the same time, analytics drawn from automating HR functions can be used to improve organisational learning and development, creating a data-driven feedback loop. Possible applications of chatbots in the HR space include supporting recruiting and onboarding, automating leave and claim applications, employee training and development, and even replacing the traditional employee handbook with an intelligent pocket HR chatbot... A HR chatbot will essentially become your indispensable colleague.

Banking & Finance

Technological disruptions are a growing trend in the Banking & Finance sector, with both financial institutions and customers embracing AI and welcoming AI-powered products and services. In consumer and retail banking, data analytics allow a chatbot to build a profile of every customer based on their historical spending and individual risk propensities, thus recommending them better investment products and savings plans. In asset and wealth management, a chatbot seamlessly facilitates the building of ties between clients and advisors. As clients now have 24/7 access to information, advisors are able to know exactly what they are asking to ease their concerns. Enhance the entire customer journey by enabling and empowering customers to make better financial decisions backed-up by numbers and figures.


Be it life or general insurance, it is one of those products where everyone dreads buying, but at the end of the day, we all need. A chatbot allows you to take the frustration out of your customers’ experiences – need an instant quote? A chatbot can do it for you with pinpoint accuracy with an in-built calculator. Need to refer to your policy? A chatbot can give you the exact wordings to soothe your nerves in an emergency. Need to make a claim? A chatbot can process it for you immediately, without the hassle of having to fill up lengthy forms over and over again. The process of buying an insurance plan can be daunting at times, without knowing exactly what the different coverages entail, and what you really need. A chatbot allows you to handhold each customer as you tailor their journey to make their experience the best one yet.

E-Commerce & Logistics

Where is my parcel? Can I reschedule my delivery? Why is my order late? These are all questions we’ve probably asked an e-commerce website several times ourselves – needless to say, as an e-commerce logistics provider, these questions come in at rates of hundreds and thousands a day. A chatbot is able to answer all these repetitive queries and process change requests in the matter of seconds through the use of API calls. Improve customer satisfaction and more importantly, exceed their expectations by handling all their nitty gritty requests immediately. Data analytics also provides you with a breakdown of questions being asked at any point in time, allowing you to figure out if a process is askew. Leave the mundane tasks to an intelligent chatbot who can do all of it and more, and free up your time on the important things like where next to scale your e-commerce empire.

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